Adah Sharma Hilarious Video

Adah Sharma is the most active person on social media right now. She always tries to entertains her fans with funny posts. Today she posted a hilarious video with a beautiful caption regarding coronavirus. Check out her caption below:

The videos i share on instagram are to entertain you guys and make you smile (or in this case threaten and terrify ) One invisible virus has turned all our lives upside down. Be brave right now and show off your bravery by sitting at home. Donate and help the needy. Socializing right now is reallllly stuppid ! All of us (for once) collectively want the same thing ! Lets work towards it 💪💪 be kind to your families, pets , stray animals (you should be inspite, despite of the virus being there ) Doctors and hospitals are working overtime and the leasttttttt you can do is not help the virus spread.You know what is right and wrong.Choose to be on the right side 🌸 . #neverneededareasontobeweird #nowicanusethelockdownasanexcuse #butthenineverusedexcusesalso #noonecanpolicemeduringthelockdown #adahsharma #moreweirdnesswillbeunleashed #100yearsofAdahsharma #1920to2020 #socialdistancing . Written, directed, edited , shot by Radha Sharma @adah_ki_radha

She posted a funny video with a important message in the caption. she stressed about donating and helping the needy and to be kind to families and pets. Doctors are helping patients. Social distancing and not spreading virus is the only way one can show gratitude. Check out her video below:

She was last seen in Commando 3, which is a sequel to Commando