Adah Sharma’s Secret Behind Her Sanity

We all know Adah Sharma is the most Active person on Social Media right now. Basically she never misses any chance to showcase the things she does on dialy basis. She has even started her youtube channel. People call her as the most energetic. She always look like someone who drinks Red bull all the time. Today she has posted a picture with her Mother with a caption – “The secret behind my sanity or the reason and encouragement to my insanity my mammmmaaaaa.”

She says her mother is the reason behind her sanity and encouragement to her insanity. We can always see her with a smiling face and doin’ funny things on social media. Her fans shared the photos of them watching her Telugu flick, Heart Attack, starrting Nitin. She reposted it their stories and gave them more encouragement. She also says she still practices Silambam on her Terrace. Silambam is an ancient Indian Martial Arts. Check out the picture of Adah Sharma with her mother.

She was last seen in Commando 3, which was a sequel to Commando 2. She has done a great job in Bhavna Reddy Character. We wish her to continue spreading positive vibes to her fans.