Aleister Black Defeats Bobby Lashley

Alesiter Black defeated Lashley with his Black Mass. There is going to be onlyy one winner. so the result didn’t suprise the WWE Universe. The highlight of this match Aleister Black’s Gear with two horns, props to the designer. After both wrestlers going at each other, it was Bobby Lashley who took control of Alesiter Black, he was ready to do Dominator Slam, but Lana, wife of Rusev(lol), encouraged her Bobby to Spear Aleister Black instead of dominator. just when Lashley tried to spear, Aleister reverse with a Black Mass! Boom! Aleister Black deserves the push he’s getting. Hope this will be end of Lana’s ongoing relation with Bobby Lashley. Check out some of the reactions from the WWE universe.

  • American Badass Taker vs Aliester next year
  • Good job Lana. I hope this the beginning of the end of their “relationship”.
  • small detail, but I loved Bobby Lashley’s kickout attempt after 3, it’s so under-utilized
  • BlxckMass has to be currently the best finisher move in WWE
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  • Pointless but thank you.
  • A good end to this hot personal rivalry.
  • That connection was absolutely beautiful
  • Bobby Lashley “selling” that Black Mass……. by just getting up after the three count.
  • Black vs McIntyre please
  • Ok now kill this Lana/Lashley story
  • Black Mass needs to be the most protected finisher right now