Anju Kurian’s Current Mood Is Everyone’s Mood Right Now

Kerala Beauty Anju Kurian is one of the busiest actress. She has done 6 movies in 2019. All the movies done well at the box office. She has done 3 Tamil movies(Naan Seidha Kurumbu, July Kaatril, Igloo) and 3 Malayalam movies( Jeem Boom Bhaa, Shibu, Jack & Daniel) She has another film yet to release, a Tamil Film, Naan Seidha Kurumbu, comedy film starring Chandran and it is directed by Mahavishnu.World has paused because of the deadly coronavirus. So Indian govt decided to keep the lockdown continue to stop spreading. It is evident that when a celeb who loves to be in front of camera and has been in the past all the time. Now suddenly you can’t step out of your house let alone getting captured. . It is very hard for celebrities right now. Anju Kurian posted a photo of her with the expression of Boring/ stale/ no work face. Even though expression shows that she’s bored.She is still looing the cutest.

To be honest. Her expression is everyone’s current mood especially someone who doesn’t have any work from home.