Anushka Sharma Wish For Earth

Anushka Sharma has today shared a video of her. ‘Hi, I’m Anushka Sharma. My wish for earth is ‘I wish that you would treat plant and animal species as just as significant part of nature. I wish that we would not treat them as a means to the end. Because at the end of the day, we’re all one. I’m a climate warrior, Are you?” Bhumi Padnekar has reposted the video of Anushka Sharma, she captioned the video as ‘Thank you so much Anushka Sharma for being the climate warrior that you are. All living beings are equal, beautiful and we should all co-exist with love and respect. sending you lots of love and gratitude.

Bhumi Padnekar has shared these. She has posted some of the brands which cares for climate. Pappco Greenware. Biodegradable disposables from 100% plant fibers. Doodlage. Zero waste clothing from upcycled industrial fabrics into wearable fashion. I was a Sari. Upcycles pre-loved indian saris into new styles. Nemital Blinkgreen. Sustainable footwear created from waste tyre upcycling. Conscious chemist India. Eco friendly and sustainable botanical skincare products free from micro-plastics. Zun Roof Solar Rooftopcs for resident and commercial buildings.