Aparna Nair

Name: Aparna Nair
Date of Birth: 30 November 1989
Place: Kerala
Debut: Mayookham
Awards: None
Known for: Mayookham, Mallu Singh, Silence, @Andheri, St Mary’sile Kolapathakam, Kalki, Thamara
Social Media: Instagram: appunayar

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[…] Aparna Nair is the sweetest person. She has done many beautiful things in the past in related to dogs, she has shared the stories of her. Today she has shared another story of her adopting Indie dog. She has posted a picture of her with a stray dog, according to her this is the first time she help the indie dog. She named it piku and also revealed that this is her 5th Indie dog. Generally people buy dogs, in basis of looks and all. But, she urged her followers to give stray dogs home. She also revealed that Indies or Nadan is the best breed she has ever adopted even though she has shitzu, Labrador and Terrier, which is also adopted. But the Indies are something which she has extra love for, because they are so easily manageable. She has captioned the image as below […]