Apollo Crews Vs Aleister Black : RAW

This is the highlight of the Raw after Wrestlemania. Even though it was Aleister Black who won the match. It was Apollo Crew who won the hearts of the WWE Universe. Fans love watching him perform. Today proved again that he has to be pushed better and why he deserve more than jobbing! Superplex from the middle rope. Even though he had a bad leg, he put Aleister Black in trouble. He showed power by powerbombing Aleister after reversing hard hitting swipes. double standing Moonsault and what not! It is safe to say that Apollo Crews is a complete package and deserves more than jobbing! Check out some of the reactions from the match:

  • Aleister Black and Apollo Crews are putting on a show right now. This is a ton of fun.
  • But Apollo Crews (a guy who has potential) losing to Aleister Black
  • Apollo Crews is having the best match of his WWE career on #Raw against Aleister Black!
  • Apollo Crews and Aleister Black just had a 28 minute match on Monday Night Raw and it was real good
  • Apollo Crews is unbelievably talented
  • Clearly, Paul Heyman is a fan of Apollo Crews. He’s never looked this strong on the main roster.
  • Apollo Crews and Aleister Black putting on a DOPE match
  • What a match! Aleister Black and Apollo Crews showed out!
  • I never wanna hear anyone say anything bad about Apollo Crews again! That match was amazing.
  • Apollo Crews is one of those guys who needs to get sent back to #WWENXT he would put on great matches with basically anyone
  • Great job Apollo Crews! There is no crowd but you deserve a standing ovation for your performance tonight!