#AskShreya On Twitter

Shreya Ghoshal, no introduction needed for her. every bollywood hit movie will have at least one song, sung by her right now. She’s amazing as ever. During the boring lockdown period, she answered some questions asked by her fans on Twitter. Check out some of her answers.

Q)what do u do if ur facing disappointment after disappointment in ur life n it continues!?
A)Hmm. Let’s start with starting to love yourself, no matter what opinion anyone has about about you. Your are amazing! Believe it! And let’s stop having expectations from others. If something is not going your way, find an alternative path to make it happen! Don’t give up!! (Beautiful inspiring message from her)

Q)Since u started ur live sessions in u tube insta tiktok im constantly sending messages just to reach u..Bt im so unlucky it didn’t happnd yet..I hope this time it will happen …that one msg from our queen will fulfill all my dreams (Asked by Harish, a Twitter user)
A)Hey Harish. How are you?

Q)My last tweet.. I think my tweets not reaching to uExpressionless faceWorried face always a hug fan of ur songs
A)Hi dear. Sorry I miss many of the msgs because there are too many. But don’t go pls. Here’s my reply .(with a kiss emoji)

Q)How much you love nature ?? How it helps you in singing??
A)Nature inspires happiness and peace in me. I can find perfection and feel the depths of music when I am away from chaos of a city.

Q)very tough to reach u anyways.. Live Sessions.. Chat sessions.. Live Concerts… Everywhere
A)Sorry for not being able to reply to you earlier. here I am. <3

Q)You have sung many songs with amaal What do you think about him
A)He is super talented, genuine, honest human being. @AmaalMallik is very special to me..

Q)Was there any song which was initially assigned to you but something came up and you had to drop it and regret later?
A)Yes. I can’t name them. I had to drop a few beautiful songs owing to commitments and some health matters. I do regret them:( (sad! )

Q)If you get a chance to fight against corona what is the first step you will take and how ?
A)The one and only way! Stay away from this Corona virus. Maintain social distance, stay at home, keep hands clean with soap water and sanitizer. Aur koi tareeka nahi hai dost. (There is not other option! )

Q)When You’re Coming Ahmedabad?? Big Fan Of Yours From Years
A)Zaroor! Yeh khatra tal jaye, aur jaldi se sab normal ho jaye toh bilkul Ahmedabad aa jaungi!

Q)in 2015 I’m joining twitter just because of u… And now instagram, tiktok bhi install kar diya… 5yrs gone… U never replied me… Can u reply me once.. just hi…
A)Arre nahi nahi!! Here we go! Hi! Love you Satabdi!

Q)me and my kids (7 and 10 yrs) would love to see you live in Holland again. They just adore you. A few words 4 the kids during this difficult time maybe?
A)Of course. Praying all becomes normal once again soon. To the kids, I am just going to give loads of kisses (from a far) and hope they are finding lots of ways to kill time stuck at home.

Q)A word for your parents?
A) My life line! I am nothing without them

Q)Anything that you’ve delayed for long that you’ve perfectly found time for during quarantine?
A)Hmm. Composing some songs. Learning a few new software tools.

Q)Maam, during this lockdown, what can we do much so that we will be more happier
A)I feel, its a great time to give some time to the hobbies that you had forgotten about. Art, painting, singing, dancing, yoga, reading books, learning a new language, cooking new dishes, doing an online course. So many options! (take notes)

Q)Mam, being celebrity, u participating in all household works??
A)Arre why not! It’s an important everyday routine na! I anyway am a very DIY kinda person.

Q)How you are spending time in the Lockdown days..??
A)Cooking cleaning making songs riyaz reading and sleeeeping!!!

Q)What are you currently reading?
A)Slowly reading this book called ‘Sapiens’ Very interesting!! Try it.

She won 4 National Film Awards, 4 Kerala State Film Awards, 8 Filmfare Awards, 10 Filmfare Awards south, 7 IIFA Awards, 2 IIFA Utsavam Awards, 2 Tamil Nadu State Film Awards, 11 Mirchi Music Awards, 8 Zee Cine Awards, 3 GiMa Awards, 4 Guild Awards, 1 Mirchi Music Awards Marathi, 6 Mirchi Music Bangla, 11 Mirchi Music Awards, 2 IIFA Utsavam awards and many more as of today! She worked hard and made a name for herself on their own and inspiration for many others. she is known for down to earth attitude.