Banter Between Varun Dhawan And Anushka Sharma

Varun Dhawan has been very active and trying to spread positivity in this critical time. He recently posted a picture, in which he says he’ll provide meals for the poor who are without homes and all the medical staff in the hospital who are risking lives. Taj Public Service Welfare Trust has begun in 2008 after the Mumbai Terror Attacks. Just like they saved the poor people aftermath. They’re trying to give people hope in this deadly Coronavirus pandemic period. Varun Dhawan took an initiative to help people which has been appreciated by many.

With each passing day of being locked down at home, my heart goes out to all those who have no home in this time of crisis. And so this week I’ve committed to provide meals for the poor who are without homes or jobs. I also have deep admiration for all those who are risking their lives by working on the frontlines. I’ve committed to provide meals to doctors and medical staff at hospitals. All meals are provided through the Taj Public Service Welfare Trust. It’s a small step, But during a crisis lie this, we have to make every step count. I will continue to do what best I can.

Today, he posted another Picture as a story, in which, his Sui Dhaaga Partner, Anushka Sharma and him are on a bicycle in a crowded place. Pretty sure he posted this picture with Coronavirus and lockdown in mind. Anushka Sharma replied to his story and mentioned -“When we used to be outdoor, in crowds and wearing sunglasses and not masks”. Check out the picture here: