Beware Of Paytm and Google Pay

As there is a lockdown in all the countries, Digital Frauds are increasing day by day! No of cases has peaked in Cyber Crimes.Because of the lockdown, people are using online mobile wallets or mobile payment apps.Frauds are taking this pandemic as a great time to earn in unethical ways. They’ll randomly call the people and say that Paytm will be deactivated, to reactivate the paytm , one has to download apps like anydesk and quick support. with the support of the apps, hackers steal the data and take control of ones paytm and transfer the amount to the their accounts. Paytm suggested not to fall for these hackers and if paytm is suspended please take the support from the paytm app itself. if one tries to hack or take control of the mobile , they asked to switch off the mobile.

Please beware!