Hina Khan Q & A

Hina Khan is having her time of the life as she reached a milestone on social media by reaching 8M followers, her popularity increased a lot after Bigg Boss.
Q) First of all, A user asked ‘How are you’?
A) Very well, Thank you.
Q) What is going on?
A) Currently, PM of India has announced unlock1.0 meaning slowly getting back to normal life. So she answered ‘Unlock1’ in sarcastic tone.
Q) Next project?
A) Funny how her previous answer matched the title of her next project ‘Unlock’ on Zee5 is her answer
Q) Any plan for singing professionally?
A) we saw her singing on Instagram, so user asked if there’s any chance to become a professional in it, She replied, ‘I don’t know, I haven’t thought of it.’
Q) What’s the first thing in your mind when you hear the word ‘corona’?
A) My mother, she’s asthmatic, so we are extra careful.
Q) Any good tips in this quarantine?
A) Be happy and let others happy
Q) Tabata or Pilates?
A) Both are important, we saw her working out with her trainer
Q) A user appreaciated her effort of cooking
A) She thanked her.
Q) Whenever you are stressed, what you do to relax yourself?
A) Try and sort the stress out.
Q) Do a project with Parth separately, be in Mv or show, you both have amazing chemistry
A) Aww sure, may be one day!
Q) one word for your fans
A) Family
Q) Twitter has released a new Instagram like feature today in India, Fans has started asking her whether she will upload and start the fleet journey? A) I know, I just noticed it today, shall post a few pictures and videos for you guys.
Q) Can we have more of this live interactive sessions with fans?
A) I shall try for sure.
Q) Night Sky or Sunsets?
A) Depends on my mood.
Q) Three little things in life that make you happy?
A) Family, work and RO
Q) Did Rocky proposed you first or you proposed him?
A) No one to be honest, Things just happened on its own.
Q) Acting or Singing?
A) Acting
Q) One word about Priyank Sharma
A) He’s my buddy.
Q) Can you post a picture with youtube silver play button?
A) Even though she has enough followers, she revealed that she hasn’t received one.
Q) One of the favorite classical songs?
A) Dil Cheez Kya Hai
Q) Can you come live with Rocky?
A) I will try
Q) Morning walk or Evening walk?
A) I’m not a morning person and evening, I will feel lazy
Q) Favorite makeup item?
A) Kajal
Q) A user asked her if she doesn’t reply now, she will be jumping off the balcony.
A) Please don’t. To get a reply from Hina Khan,her fans try so hard. This shows her popularity.
Q) Duet with Parth is pending, when will it happen?
A) I know, he’s busy with his biryani and haleem.


Pooja Hegde : Yin To My Yang

Pooja Hegde, who has been very active on social media these days has posted her childhood picture, in which we can also see her brother Rishabh Hegde. She captioned the Image as ‘The Yin to My Yang,’ She has used the hashtag ‘Chokeslam Victim’. To people who don’t know, Chokeslam is a famous wrestling move, especially used by Legends, The Undertaker and Kane. So it’s not just who used to role play the world wrestling entertainment at Home even though they clearly mentioned that ‘Do Not Try This At Home’. Check out the picture

Her brother is a Orthopaedic surgeon, Guitarist, Singer, Part Time music composer. Just like her sister, he is very talented too! Pooja has prepared Mug cake, which looks delicious today, most of the Celebrities can start their own restaurant if this continue.

Pooja Hegde hasn’t reacted to the controversy regarding the Hacking and Samantha, It’s not confirmed that she has been hacked or she hasn’t. But Samantha, Nandini and Chinmayi has made fun of hacking and mocked her indirectly and later, Chinmayi started trending I support samantha on social media. Pooja Hegde’s next movie is Most Eligible Bachelor starring Akhil Akkineni and she is going act with Prabhas, diected by Radha Krishna Kumar. with these two movies, She will be reaching 15 films milestone. She is very active with bollywood and Tollywood.


Code M Review

Starring : Jennifer Winget(Acting in web series for the first time), Rajat Kapoor(Kapoor & Sons, Ankhon Delhi, Agent Vinod fame), Seema Biswas(Sameer, Soul Curry, A Yellow Bird fame) and Tanuj Virwani(Inside Edge, Poison fame)
Director : Akshay Choubey
Producer : Samar Khan
Cinematography : Shanu Singh Rajput
Story : Because of a terror operation, An Army officer and two other people die. This case will be investigated by Lady Army Lawyer Monika Mehra(played by Jennifer Winget). While investigating this case, she found some unusual things, Because of her investigation she will find some criminal operation against Indian Army. What are those? How if affected Army? How she tackled everything?
What’s good : This crime drama is very entertaining especially when it revolves around a code. Some of the episodes from this web series are so gripping. Ending of every episode is amazing, we will have to urge to watch what happens next. Background score is amazing. Some of the scenes potrayed how army people suffer and give life to the country are so emotional. All the actors acting is good. Special mention to Rajat Kapoor.
What’s not good : Jennifer Winget has tried her best as a serious army laywer, but can done better. Some of the scenes she acted are pale and unnatural. Web series starting episodes are not quite entertaining. Web series slow Narrative. some of the logics in the series is a big minus.
Final Verdict :Apart from some of the twist, Story is pale, There are so many improvements needed. People who are excited after watching the trailer will be lil disappointed.
our Rating : 2.5/5


Treat For NBK Fans

First of all, Happy Birthday to the Legend of Tollywood Cinema, Nandamuri Balakrishna.This birthday is a very special birthday for NBK as he turns 60. Even though fans usually prepare for a huge celebrations for NBK, this year, there will be no such celebrations, because of the Coronavirus. Even NBK has urged his fans not to meet him this time. But he said he’ll be interacting with his fans on his offical Facebook page aroung 4:30 pm. He’s going to answer the questions asked by his fans.Usually he’s not active on social media. But this time, there is no way to interact with fans, so finally he stepped up and revealed that he’ll be coming live on his facebook page. This is the first he will be doing this. This is a huge treat for the fans.Today he cut the cake with kids at Basavatarakam Hospital.Yesterday, as the gift for fans, Balakrishna’s next flick teaser has released which is amazing and different. Balakrishna’s new look, the dialogues in the teaser has given his fans a boost. This will be directed by Boyapati Srinu, produced by Miryala Ravidra Reddy and Thaman is the music director. Check out the teaser

It is also confirmed that Shriya Saran and Nayanathara, who has previosly worked with NBK has roped in as heroines. But currently, Shriya has stuck in spain, she has already 5 other movies in her hand.If she couldn’t cope up with all movies, she may leave 1 or 2, once she retuns, we never know whaat happens in the future, so watch the space and stay tuned.


Hina Khan 8M Family

We have seen earlier, Shruti Haasan has reached massive 14M followers, it is understandable, even though she is daughter of Kamal Hassan, she has made her own mark among her fans, She is a multi talented person, who can sing and act. Last week Samantha had reached 10M. Today, it was Hina Khan, who worked so hard to reach this position, She has posted some picture of her holding a cake, on which ‘Congrats 8M’ has written on it.

8M #InstaFam The family is growing and my love for each one of you is reaching new heights, I never knew existed. I am humbled and filled with gratitude. Thanking everyone from the bottom of my heart, the people who were there from the start and the ones who joined along the way. We now more than ever have the responsibility to act as one, be humble, be loving and be mindful of our journey together so far.

She thanked her fans and followers for the enormous support they are giving to her since a long time. She has also suggested fans to be responsible and to be humble, loving and mindful. Check out the picture she posted

Actress Monalisa has congratulated her on the landmark. ‘Congratulations, many more millions to come soon.’ Today she has also shared the videos of her working out.


Shilpa Shetty In Tollywood?

Tollywood Youth Star recently has done Bheeshma. He has made a great comeback after his last movie, Srinivasa Kalyanam failed at the box office. He has already accepted Venky Atluri’s Rang De, for which, Penguin star, Keerthy Suresh has roped in as heroine. Few days back, it is confirmed that Bollywood biggest hit film, Andhadhun starring Ayushmann Khurana, Tabu and Radhika Apte will be remaked into Tollywood film for which Nitin has confirmed. According to the rumours, the makers of the film are trying to rope in Shilpa Shetty, who has celebrated birthday yesterday for an important role. Even though, there have already roped in Ramya Krishna. Because of the lockdown and ongoing pandemic we never know what happens, some people may get opportunity, some people may lose opportunity. This film will be directed by Merlapaka Gandhi(venkatadri Express, Krishnarjuna Yudhana and Express Raja fame). According to the rumours Priyanka Mohan has confirmed as heroine for this film.Yesterday, she has shared a picture of her cutting her birthday cake, which was baked by her Hubby, Raj Kundra,

She captioned the image as ‘Yaaay! My favourite vanilla meringue cake freshly baked by the bestest hubby in the world , Raj Kundra ,family by my side ( the rest on a video call )and all the love , wishes and blessings pouring in from all over the world .Feeling a surge of love and gratitude.. Thaaankyouuuuu all sooooo much’


Lavanya Tripathi : Trust In Dreams

Andala Rakshasi Actress Lavanya Tripathi has been active on social media posting her crazy pictures. Even though she hasn’t done a live session or any sort of interacting session with fans like other heroines, she has been consistent on social media by posting at least one picture of her. Today she has shared a image of her wearing a white top and a denim Jeans. We can see her toned abs. She captioned the image as ‘Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.’ Check out the image

Today she has shared some funny and interesting things on social media. She has shared a image of her taking a nap for which she captioned it as ‘Well, I was trying to workout, I don’t know when did this happen.’ Looks like she has been working out so hard as we can see her toned abs in the above pictures. She has also shared a funny video of her wearing a 3d glasses. With no cook’s and celebrities staying away from family and stuck far away from loved ones, one has to cook on their own, cutting onion is the hardest part in cooking. Lavanya Tripathi has given a suggestion to wear 3d glasses while cutting, so that one can get the better view.


Kalpika Ganesh : Born To Rule

Kalpika Ganesh has made a huge step in her career, thanks to Loser web series, It was a huge hit. It revolves around the story of 3 sports players seperated by a decade but still connected in unimaginable ways. It stars, Annie, Pavani Gangireddy, Sayaji Shinde, Shashank and Priyadarshi. She has been very active coming live with various people and revealing more details about loser and enjoying success. Film has great reviews especially for the acting of Kalpika Ganesh. It is a must watch series, especially for woman to learn how to overcome problems and achieve success.

Today she has posted a picture of her wearing a double shaded outfit and riding a horse. she captioned the image as Born to rule. Check out this fairytale picture

Today she has shared her lunch menu, which has chickpeas Buddha bowl,Tomato Dal, okra with coconut pulp, Peanut curd butter milk.

She has also acted previously in two web series namely, Ma vintha Gaadha Vinuma and Ekam. She is still 29 and she is just starting to make her name. With web series have started getting the boost, we can expect more Telugu web series in the future. We believe she can make her stamp in OTT platform.


Hamsa Nandini Feeling Connected

Hamsa Nandini is having a great time because of lockdown. She has even started a youtube channel in which she posts her cooking videos. Recently she has posted amazing Thai curry. She revealed that this is the dish that made her enjoy cooking 15 years ago and how one can easily recreate this authentic dish. It’s good that she is making the most of it. once she retires from films, she can concentrate on youtube more as the videos she has been making are amazing and professional. With only 2.5k subscribers she has a long way to go! however we can see a spike in her channel once she starts telling about herself or doing a Q & A session with the fans!

Today she has posted series of pictures, in which we can see her enjoying winde in an airplane with authentic food infront of her. She posted the image with the caption reading -“Cheers to the 100 days of lockdown for me. No travelling. No packing. So No shooting, No live performing. So No dancing. No set ka khana, no parties and no dining out. Yet I feel more cnnected with myself and you all. cheers to all of us for sailing through the tough times and yet being sane!”We never realised that it’s been 100 days since the lockdown until we saw her post. She revealed that there’s no work but she still feels connected to her fans and herself.


Payal Rajput’s Health Suggestion

RX 100 Actress Payal Rajput has given suggestions to her followers regarding health and immunity. She has shared the supplements she takes to help her immune system.She posted the picture of her supplements with the caption ‘usually your body can heal itself by making new healthy cells and ramping up an immune response to destroy any infected one. but supplements are really important. So please start taking them. Thanks.’

Instagram is mainly now-a-days used for promotions of products, be it beauty products or health products. Brands approach celebrities to promote on Instagram. So before people question whether this is a promotional post. She added it in the picture itself -‘ I’m not doing collaboration or promotion, one should add these supplements for immune support. you can go for any brand.’

Payal Rajput has been very active on social media because of the current scenario. She has been sharing her photos. Today she has posted this gorgeous picture of him, to which Mumaith Khan commented ‘Meri Cutipie’. Check out the image.