WWE Smackdown Review May 29

  • The show started off with the Bizarre moment from Jeff Hardy. He literally slammed his Car into Elias. He had to be stretched off. Police arrested Jeff Hardy. Adam Pearce, Producer of WWE has booked a Battle Royal match (Jey Uso, Sheamus, Shorty G, Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Gran Metalik, Drew Gulak, Lince Dorado). The whole match was dominated by King Corbin as he elimintated the first four of the match. He eliminated Lince Durado, Drew Gulak, Gran Metalik, Dolph Ziggler. But Jey Uso eliminated King Corbin. Now, the surprise of the match as Shorty G eliminated Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. But Cesaro sneeked into the right behind referee and took out Shorty G. It’s finally Jey Uso vs Shemus. Result. Sheamus elimated Jey Uso to advance to the Intercontinental Tournament semifinals.
  • Next up, it was Sassy Southern Belle, Lacey Evans vs Sonya Deville. Woah. This would be one hell of a match. Lacey Evans started off by attacking Sonya, who has been in successful from past few weeks. Two Hard hitting wrestlings going at each other. But Hair game is strong. Brawl continue outside the ring and ref had to stop and announced that match ended with double count out. Finally, WWE has started recognizing the talent of Sonya Deville and using her in proper storylines.
  • Tag Team Champion Summit. Alexa and Nikki introduced The New Day. Nikki gave the hand made pancakes and Big E gave her coffee beans. Bayley and Sasha interruped only to get roased by Alexa. This resulted in a match between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss. Match started off with Alexa Bliss in a good spirit and dominating Banks but the interaction between Bayley and cross, but Cross pushed Bayley onto Alexa Bliss, which helped Sasha. She hit double knee and defeated. winner : Sasha Banks.
  • Swiss Cyborg vs Shorty G. Shorty confronted both Shinsuke and Cesaro for ruining his best moment. Cesaro made fun of him which irked Shorty. So he started punching him. The match was started off with shorty G speedy movies. He showed off his agility which is so hard for Cesaro to match. He rolled up for a three and won the match.
  • Mandy Rose and Otis were showing having the fun on vacation. Check out these pictures.
  • A video was released to introduce the newest member of Smackdown, Matt Riddle. Imagine him in Raw with Brocklesnar. Chaos.
  • Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus. Sheamus has started off the match by dominating and showing his strength. even since his debut he was shown as dominating man. He hit clotheslines but that isn’t enough. He dominated whole match till this point until he started unleashing his finisher, Brogue Kick. Jeff Hardy returned and destroyed his moment which interrupted him, Bryan hit his finisher and pinned Sheamus. Hardy attacked sheamus aftermath. we can see a long storyline running between Jeff and Sheamus for some time.

WWE RAW Review : May 25

On the ocassion of Memorial Day, The show started of with a video tribute. We can see all the NXT rookies including Simone Johnson, Daughter of The Rock. Next Up, Kevin Owens welcomed all of them are gave a morale boost to them. He said they are the future of the WWE. Some inspiring words from him, but he took a cheeky lil dig to wrestlers, who didn’t wear his shirt. He welcomed the Raw women’s champ, Asuka. Charlotte interrupted after playing last weeks Nia Jax destruction clip. Natalya entered into scene. KO left the ring before they started a huge brawl. At the end, It was Asuka who is standing on the feet.

Next up, It was Andrade vs Apollo Crews for the United States Title, It was a huge shock and surprising as Apollo Crews won the title. Both men went at each other, with hard hitting moves. Even though match started off with Apollo dominating, Andrade quickly changed the things and dominated him for the whole match.But a series of movies from Apollo Crews is too hard for Andrade to overcome. New Champ in the house : Apollo Crews. A great result, especially for people who are bored of watching Andrade, Zelina and Angel Garza being at the ring side every match and losing mostly and interfering. Hopefully this title reign will take a new direction.

The IIconics, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are back last week after a long break. They came to ring and talked about how they should be tag champions. This was interrupted by current champions, Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss. Iiconics took out both Alexa and Nikki. After returning, WWE creatives are trying their best to potray Iiconics as aggressive people.

Next up, MVP interviewing Drew McIntyre. After arriving at the ring, Drew was toring apart the VIP Lounge set. Even though MVP assured that there will be no issues. This didn’t end well for MVP before Bolly Lashley arrived. McIntyre hit his finisher kick, Claymore on MVP again!

Angel Garza vs KO. Even before the match has started, Angel Garza took out owens. Garza targetted the leg of Kevin Owens. Even though Angel was not at the ringside for Andrade’s match, Zelina Vega is here cheering for him. Kevin Owens struggled with single leg for whole match as he couldn’t hit some of his moves. This was one of the shocking result of this year’s Raw as Angel Garza defeated Kevin Owens clean without any interruption AFTER the match has started.

Comedy: Vking Raiders vs Street Profits for a Golf match. winner: Street Profits. This segment is one of the lowers on today’s Raw.

Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory vs Humberto and Aleister Black. After joining Seth Rollins, this was the first match for Austin Theory. He took control of Carillo . But that is not enough as Carillo tagged Aleister. But match was won by newcomer Austin Theory after defeating Carillo with his finisher, ATL. After the match, Seth Rollins warned Aleister Black, that if he interferes with Carillo, what happened to Rey will repeat on Carillo.

Charlotte vs Nia Jax vs Natalya. With Asuka Joining the commentary team, this match has become more interesting. Nia used her strength to take control of both the wrestlers, but it was backfired when they both escaped her elbow drop. Natalya and Charlotte teamed up on Nia and sent her out of the ring. Highlight of the match is when both Chrlotte and Natalya teamed up and powerbombed Nia through the Announce table. Surprisingly, Asuka helped her getting back on to ring, Nia pinned Natalya after hitting Samoan drop.

Final match of the show. Street Profits vs MVP and Lashley. Montez Ford and Lashley started off the match, but Lashley was too good for him and knocked him with his strength. He finally made a tag to Angelo Dawkins, Even though he showed his strength in the initial stages. It’s not enough to get the win as Lashley hit full nelsom slam and won the match. Drew entered the ring and chaos started with other wrestlers trying to seperate both.


Good News : Becky Lynch Is Pregnant

WWE announced that Becky Lynch will kick off the show with a major announcement. WWE universe guessed that Becky Lynch is pregnant, some people thought it’s just a joke. But it’s true. It is confirmed by Becky Lynch herself. She kicked off the show to confront Asuka. She entered the ring with Asuka‘s Briefcase with a championship in it. She said “you be the warrior and I will be the mother.” This is the first time she’s on Raw after defeating Shayna Baszler.WWE universe is happy with both Asuka and Becky. Asuka deserves to be a champion. Check out some of the reactions from the WWE universe

  • Rhea Ripley – ” Go be the badass mother that we know you will be”
  • Maryse – “This is so Exciting”
  • The returning one half of the Iiconics, Billie Kay – ” This is incredible news and I couldn’t be happier for you both”
  • Paige – ” Congrats, This segment gave me chills.” She also wished Asuka on becoming a new Champion
  • Carmella – “So happy for you Becky”
  • James Ellsworth, remember him? -“She was the first person to wear my shirt and she was my first inter gender opponent. Congrats Becky, you will be an outstanding mother”

Check out this beautiful video:

Asuka is the new champ, who’s going to be her challenger? Shayna Baszler? The only person who is not so happy with the announcement of Becky’s Pregnancy. we should find out!


WWE Smackdown Review May 1.

  • Daniel Bryan kicked off the show with an amazing promo. He took a sly dig on the Chairman, Vince McMahon. Bryan showed his love for wrestling in his words and pointed that this specific Money in the bank is important to him and how MITB in the past has shaped his career. Baron Corbin interrupted Bryan and claimed he was stronger mentally and physically than Bryan.
  • Daniel Bryan vs Baron Corbin. Corbin used his strength on Bryan and knocked him off the top rope. Baron targeted the shoulder of Bryan. Bryan tried to pin with a roll up but ended up getting a clothesline from Baron. While Bryan was struggling with his shoulder, Corbin tried to hit but he countered with a Ankle lock, but it was not enough to make corbin tap. He then pulled a half crab on Corbin which he escaped and then hit Bryan with ladder. Ref ended the match and announced Bryan as the winner by disqualification. Aftre the match Corbin set up Bryan for the End of days, but he reversed with the yes lock. Here comes, Nakamura and Cesaro and all the three attacked Bryan.
  • Fiend Interrupts Braun Strowman. The Universal Champ, Braun Strowman made his way to the ring to cut a promo but he got interrupted by Firefly fun house. Bray Wyatt targeted Braun Strowman with frequent reference to The Black sheep. Bray assured Braun that he’ll take the championship from him.
  • Leon Ruff vs Sheamus . A squash match to push Sheamus as one of the most powerful wrestlers. He targeted Michael cole whole match yelling at him whether he is enjoying himself. Cole announced that we will see Jeff Hardy next week on Smackdown. Shemus said he’ll be there too! This is start of something fresh. Two former champions rivalry is going to start. Jeff hardy coming clean and vince McMahon loving the idea of Jeff’s return vs Sheamus will be a huge advantage on the ratings. Winner: Sheamus
  • Money in the bank qualification match. Mandy Rose vs Carmella. Carmella started off the match with a vicious kick to the face. A few moments later Mandy took control of her. But she got interrupted by Sonya Deville. Carmella took advantage of the distraction and defeated Mandy Rose and won the opportunity to win Money in the bank. After the match Sony attacked Mandy and hit her with a running knee to the head. WWE creative loved the fact that Sonya can cut the promos. Last wee she was trending because of mic skills. She has done the same today during the match. This is the start of a good rivalry. we hope these talented wrestlers will get a chance to show their skills and win the championships sometime in their career. winner: Carmella
  • next up, it’s New Day vs The Forgotten Sons. Miz and Morrison joined Cole and Corey on commentary. Even though Big E took control of the forgotten sons. they were back again until Kofi received the tag.he hit both Cutler and Blake. Few moments later Big E missed his spear, Ryker took advantage and sent him into the ring post. Forgotten Sons took number advantage and defeated Kofi Kingston. They will be in title contention soon as WWE creative showcasing Forgotten sons as a powerful team.winner: The Forgotten Sons
  • Main Event : Dolph Zigger vs Otis for the Money in the bank qualification match. Their rivalry has started because of Mandy Rose. With the injuries Mandy Rose has suffered because of Sonya Deville, Otis looked furious and entered the match. he dominated the match and Ziggler took control of him with drop kicks and head lock. Zigger escaped Caterpillar from Otis and performed a Zig Zag but it was not enough to pin Otis. Just when he’s about to hit a superkick, otis escaped and hit him with a fallaway slam followed by Caterpillar to pin Ziggler and to qualify for the MITB match. The result was not expected by WWE universe. Can Otis win the briefcase ? We should wait and see!


Curtis Axel Released

Another Star Released. It’s Official. WWE has come to terms on the release of Curtis Axel. A talented wrestler who was a former intercontinental and Tag team champion. Son of the legendary wrestler, Mr. Perfect. WWE universe is very sad about the news of the release especially when he has never gotten any chance to be at the main stage.

Even though he has done a comedy act with Bo Dallas and entertained fans with his mic skills. WWE creative never really gave a chance for him to prove.Curtis Axel started his WWE career in 2007. He came into limelight after joining as one of the Nexus under Michael McGillicutty.He even stayed in CM Punk’s Nexus after agreeing to get beatdown from his fellow members. He won the Tag Team championship with Otunga as a partner defeating Big Show and Kane after the interference from CM Punk and Mason Ryan. He was managed by Paul Heyman in 2013 and defeated Triple H by knockout. He defeated John Cena in the same year after distraction from Ryback. He won the intercontinental championship after defeating Wade Barrett and The Miz in a Triple Threat match.

AxelMania. He began imitating Hulk Hogan ever since the change of the character to Axelmania after his Royal Rumble cameo in which he got attacked by Erick Rowan, before he even entered the ring. He then join as one of the Miztourage and then B Team with Bo Dallas, in which he entertained his fans with his comedy acts.

Check out the reaction of WWE Universe :

  • Curtis Axel beat Triple H, on more than one occasion in 2013, it’s a shame he didn’t go any further than that. Still a former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion, his dad will be in heaven proud of him..
  • Axel finally eliminated from royal rumble
  • Axel mania for life
  • Will always remember Axelmania Curt Hennigs son deserved better tho.
  • Hopefully #CurtisAxel can move on to bigger & better things.
  • son of Mr Perfect. Paul Heyman guy. former Intercontinental & Tag Team champion. Wasted potential.
  • You can’t release someone who is still in royal rumble match.
  • Meanwhile Seth Rollins gets ANOTHER title shot. Boring
  • Why the WWE never called him “Perfect Son” Joe Hennig I will never know. Got himself over after the rumble elimination then as Axelmania then as B-Team then WWE botched each one.
  • Perfect! Now let him go to AEW as a Henning and watch it blow up.
  • Remember when he beat HHH and was a Paul Heyman guy ?
  • The dude is the son of Mr. Perfect for crying out loud!
  • The fact that @WWE couldn’t make something of a talent like his, the son of MR PERFECT, shows how lacking in creativity they are. They are so unimaginative it’s scary.

WWE Universe is not happy with the way WWE creative team has treated Curtis Axel.


WWE Raw Review :Apr 28

Last week on Raw, MVP lost to Apollo Crew in the Money In the bank qualification match. He introduced the three Raw Superstars who are contenders for MITB match. Rey Mysterio, Aleister Black and Apollo Crews to MVP Lounge, soon they got interrupted by Zelina Vega asking the three to challenge her crew, Austin Theory, Andrade and Angel Garza.

  • It’s Austin Theory, Andrade, Angel Garza vs Aleister Black, Apollo Crews, Rey Mysterio. Match has started well with Rey showing his athleticism as usually. Highlight of the match is when Apollo crews showed his strength on Andrade by performing a powerbomb and pinned. It was a decent match. WWE creative team is finally pushing Apollo Crews and fans are happy with the way his momentum is going on.
  • Next up, it was Nia Jax vs Shayna Baszler vs Asuka in a Triple Threat Match. There is no winner in this match as it has never started. Asuka called out Nia Jax for injuring her friend. Shayna went after Asuka. Nia Jax throwed hit them with ladder. It was a chaos and maybe they’re trying to save this for later. But, it was not necessary at this point.
  • Bobby Lashley vs Denzel Dejournette. Looks like the relation between Lana and The Almighty Bobby Lashley is finally ending. He asked Lana to stay backstage because he feels she is a distraction. He then dominated Denzel and pinned after a spear.
  • Liv Morgan vs Ruby Riott . What a finish from Liv Morgan at the end. She has performed her finishing move, the oblivion after taking support from the ropes. It was amazing. Finally WWE creative is pushing Liv Morgan. But, what’s this result mean for Ruby Riott? Did she turned into a jobber right after her injury? Match started off with Ruby Riott taking control of her after she ran into a Riott kick. But that’s not enough for Ruby to pin Liv, she then performed oblivion to pin her former friend.
  • Jinder Mahal is back! Modern Day Maharaja vs Akira Tozawa. He dominated the match. It’s a squash match. He kicked Akira Tozawa and pinned for the victory.
  • Apollo Crews vs Andrade for the United States Championship. just when WWE universe thought Apollo Crews is finally getting the screen time he deserve and when WWE Creative is pushing him hard, an Injury happened during this match, when he missed frog splash and injuring his knee in the process. It’s a sad news for Apollo Crews and his fans, who thought he is going to get a shot at the title. Match started off well with both men going at each other. Crews performed suplexes and Andrade hard hitting moves. Just when Andrade getting ready to plant his finisher, hammerlock DDT, Crews hit headbutt on Andrade. He then performed frog splash which he missed and injured his knee. Ref stopped the match and announced Andrade as the winner
  • Ricochet and Cedric vs Ever-Rise (Matt Martel and Chase Parker) . Richochet and Cedric has been hot tag team from the past few weeks. even though they’re two talented wrestlers individually and deserved to be in singles action.Fans are mixed with their opinion that at least they’re getting some screen time and getting the push. They defeated Matt and Chase after a dropkick and flatliner.
  • Drew McIntyre and Seth sign contract for MITB for the WWE Championship. Seth Rollings explained that he doesn’t hate Drew for being a WWE Champion, he was doing this for the sake of WWE universe and that WWE needs a champion who is a leader like him. Drew shut him up after slamming his head on the table. Buddy Murphy interrupted to help Seth Rollins but he took a claymore kck in the process after Drew missed his kick on Seth Rollins.

WWE Smackdown Review : Apr 24

This week’s Smackdown is all about HHH’s 25-year anniversary with WWE. The show started off with Triple H’s greatest moments in WWE. After this, New Day Kicked off things with Celebration after their Tag Team Championship win last week. Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado interrupted and challenged for the match. Miz and Morrison interrupted them saying they don’t deserve to lose their Tag titles in a singles match. All hell lose broke when Forgotten sons matched down and started a brawl.

Drew Gulak vs Baron Corbin. Baron Corbin showed his strength to Drew Gulak. Drew Gulak reversed and super kicked Baron. It was all fun until Shinsuke and Cesaro attacked Bryan at ringsde, which made Gulak distracted and received End of days from Baron. Winner: Baron Corbin

Sheamus vs Daniel Vidot. Another Victim from NXT for Celtic Warrior, Shemus. It’s a squash match. Winner : Sheamus after a Brogue Kick.

Lucha House Party vs The Miz and John Morrison. After the loss last week, WWE universe thought they’ll win this match. But the result is unexpected. Even though the match was dominated by Miz and Morrison. Gran Metalik rolledup and got the win. WWE universe are actually happy that Lucha House Party won the match and hope they win the titles in future.

Lacey Evans vs Sasha Banks. This was highlight of the show. Match started off with Sasha Banks controlling but it only took a Running knee from Sassy Southern Belle to take control. After the unintentional distraction from Her friend Bayley which made Evans to dominate. She hit her finisher Women’t Right for the win. After the match, Tamina hit a superkick on Bayley. It was weird how superstars who didn’t even get the screen time is getting the push now.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs Dana Brooke and Carmella for the Tag Team Title. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross won the match after a modified 3D, with Nikki Cross lifting the opponent and Alexa performing a DDT.


WWE Raw Review Apr 20

We believe This week’s Raw is better than Smackdown.
Show started with The Champ Drew McIntyre. He addressed Seth Rollins who got attacked last week. He challenged Seth to a Match. But he got interrupted by Zelina, Austin and Angel Garza. Andrade came from behind and attacked, only to receive claymore at the end.

Next up, it was Money in the bank Qualifying match. Aleister Black vs Austin Theory. It has regular interruptions from Zelina. Even though Austin took the advantage but it was not enough for him to hit a ATL. At the end, it Aleister Black hit Black Mass to pin Austin Theory and enter Money in the bank match. He’s getting the push he deserves. It’s funny how Zelina, a real life partner of Aleister is supporting his opponent and yelling at him to play fair.

Shayna Baszler vs Indi Hartwell. Another domination from Shyna Baszler. WWE Creative wants to promote her as a bad and no-nonsense character and this match has added into it. She targeted the arm of Indi just like she targeted Sarah Logan‘s arm last week. She then took it to next level when she brought the ladder and used it to hurt Indi’s arm more.

Victory for Ricochet & Cedric. They defeated NXT Roster, Shane Thorne and Brendon Vink. It was Cedric who pinned Thorne after hitting his finishing move Lumbar Check.They deserved to win after losing last week to Viking Raiders.

Nia Jax defeated Kairi Sane. It was a rematch from last week but the same result. Even though Kairi targeted Nia Jax knee to bring her down. Even though WWE trying to push Nia Jax, WWE universe is not happy with her in ring work, There are some dangerous moves in this match, which could’ve caused Injury to Kairi Sane

Amazing Promo from Seth Rollins. He said Drew is goin’ in the same route he took once, but the only difference is Drew is not brave as him. He also mentioned that WWE currently needs a leader and he’ll be the one.

Mixed reaction from the fans for this one. Apollo Crews defeated Veteran MVP. MVP started off with his good ol’ trash talking, He praised Apollo Crews but ended up forgetting Crews Name. It was funny. match has started off with reversals and hard hitting. Even though a grog splash was avoided by MVP. He couldn’t avoid sit-down powerbomb from Apollo Crews. Some fans are happy that Apollo Crews is finally getting the push but at the same time, some fans are not happy watching MVP lose.

Liv Morgan Defeated Ruby Riott. Former Riott Squad Members goin’ at each other. It looks like WWE wants to push Liv Morgan and not Ruby Riott. Another member of Riott squad has already been released. Liv hit her with Srpingboard Flatlined and pinned Ruby Riott.

Buddy Murphy vs Rey Mysterio. As we all know Mysterio recently had a dislocated finger and Buddy targeted it for the entire match. Two great wrestlers going at each other. This is one of the best match of this week’s Raw. finally It was Rey mysterio, who qualified for Money in the bank match by defeated Buddy Murphy after his Iconic 619.

NXT Champ, Charlotte Flair vs Kayden Carter. It was not a regular Charlotte’s match, where she dominates the entire match. This match has got everything. It was Kayden who started off with a submission move. But, Charlotte has cut down the domination from Kayden and locked her with a Figure-8 and won via submission.

Andrade Cien is back after taking claymore’s. He’s up against Akira Tozawa. Tozawa started off the match with some high speed moves, like he usually does. But those were not enough to pin Andrade. Andrade hit his finisher, Hammerlock DDT to pin Akira.

EST Bianca Belair defeated Santana Garrett. She was introduced by Street Profits. She was too good for Santana Garrett. She hit the K.O.D to pin Garrett. It was a short match, where WWE wants to push Bianca. can she continue like this? Only time will tell!

Time for main event. Drew McIntyre vs Angel Garza. As usually, All the three, Zelina, Andrade and Austin were at the ring side to cause the distraction. McIntyre hit one of the best chops we’ve ever seen on Garza.Both Andrade and Theory tried interrupting and they were successful, even though it helped Angel Garza to took control of Drew McIntyre, It was for a very less time. Highlight of the match is when, Drew took a huge dive over the top rope on all the three, Garza, Andrade and Austin. He attacked all the three and hit a Claymore on Angel Garza to pin. He end the show with him doing Andrade’s Tranquilo pose.


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