Chinese Wet Markets Reopened?

No wonder Donald Trump is calling Coronavirus/COVID a chinese Virus. According to the various reports from all over the world, China has opened its Wet markets again even though the pandemic hasn’t ended yet in different parts of the world. The Wuhan Wet market where everyone believes the Virus is originated is opened according to the reports This is where animals like Bats, Porcupines, Rats and what not. Some of the animals are slaughtered right at that place and this is how it is called as Wet Market. This is not the time to open the place again when nearly 51000 people has died all over the world and death rate still increasing with no cure at all. Everyone knows Bats contain so many viruses especially fruit bats. Chinese govt has to be responsible and close these Wet markets for the foreseeable future. Today there are 65000 new cases with 4160 deaths. China which has been in the first place from the last two months have moved to the 5th place. As of today there are only 35 cases in china while US has over 20000 new cases. This is not fair from Chinese people to open Wet market again.