Chinmayi Sripaada View On George Floyd

Controversial singer has been in the limelight few days back after posting some comments on Pooja Hegde. She has received some hate asusually. Today she has commented on ongoing issue regarding George Floyd.

‘It took the murder of George Floyd for us to finally see so many people, businesses, coroporates collectively say Black Lives Matter. Why is it that humans nurture cruelty when it first rears it head and let it grow into a mighty banyan? Expression of anger is a privilege that’s handed on a plate to some but when it is collective anger from voices choked from centuries of cruelty, oppression, othering, dehumanisation, out come the judgements. Support black owned businesses. Support the NGOs. And most importantly -listen. Silently. No judgement. No ‘Buts’. No well- meaning advice. No saviour-ing. Humanity turned a blind eye while beings were rent asunder, Generation after generation; remain silent now and listen. The privileged cannot wish for peace at the cost of silencing, choking and literally sitting on voices. it is not peace unless everyone is truly at peace.’

She has asked her followers on social media to mail her memes who are negative towards her view on issues. People have started abusing because they think this is for Publicity. She asked her followers to be aware of people who comment badly and troll on cinema actors especially on Heroines and female actors. She urged them to check What pages does he follow, how he comments. what actually his friends do, so that one can find out whether if he really respects the women or not.