Chinmayi : Why I Find Samantha Beautiful.

Controversial singer is back with another post, this time appreciating Samantha Ruth Prabhu. We all know she is very good friend of Samantha, no wonder she’s appreciating, but some followers think this is a wrong time to post this, as Pooja Hegde is already receiving lot of hate, because of hackers posted a picture of samantha with caption-“I don’t think she’s beautiful” We never know whether she has done it on purpose or by mistake or Hackers really hacked her account, only she knows the real story. We believe she will never do something like this on purpose especially when she’s on right track with many movies in hand and next with Prabhas, currently one of biggest star in Indian Cinema. Chinmayi Sripada has posted an update on Why she find Samantha beautiful. She updated with P.S : There is no need to bully someone over an opinion.

  1. Samantha broke/ continues to break every stereotype out there. She is tenacios, successful. She broke and continue to break the stereotype of the ‘married’ heroine. Shines in her roles. Gives her all.
  2. Samantha started Pratyusha Org early in her career, funded the NGO with her earnings and she’s been committed to the cause.
  3. She was conscious about the Jewelry she choose and wore at her wedding, keeping 2 pieces only. she was aware that her wedding outfit/ style will be followed and didn’t want girls who follow her to be pressured into wearing multiple pieces of jewelry.
  4. A lot of clothes she wears on Instagram are those that one could buy and not break their banks.
  5. She kept promoting Handloom and was personally involvedd in the cause.
  6. She is one of the first Indian celebrities to tag Paid Partnerships from brands in scoial media posts and is honest to not pass it off as a personal unpaid opinion.
  7. She donated to 10 NGOs when she hit 10 million followers on Instagram.

She ended her appreciation with ‘Repeating-There is no need to bully someone for a personal opinion. Celebrate the goodness in people instead.’ She has also reacted to one of the top Telugu youtuber and social media influencer, who is popular among telugu audience with Short films, Shanmukh. He has recently released a short film titled -‘World Famous Wives’, He has used the word ‘Feminist’ in a sarcastic way, which didn’t go well with Chinmayi, she reacted by saying -” I saw this youtube video starring, Shanmukh, Trending at No 4 in youtube. Why do these people spell it as ‘FAMINIST’? Why do they shame and run down women and the work women and men do on creating awareness on consent? why is the staging of a scene on consent based on shaming the idea? It is not genuine humour. Why is the women potrayed as someone who doesn’t know the difference between romancing by a spouse and a non consensual advance? Why do they not get it? It is not that we don’t have a sense of humour, but this is exactly what they do to make a joke of a serious issue called consent. People who are social media influencers do NOT understand the impact they are leaving. Memes or youtube videos or whatever else.