Code M Review

Starring : Jennifer Winget(Acting in web series for the first time), Rajat Kapoor(Kapoor & Sons, Ankhon Delhi, Agent Vinod fame), Seema Biswas(Sameer, Soul Curry, A Yellow Bird fame) and Tanuj Virwani(Inside Edge, Poison fame)
Director : Akshay Choubey
Producer : Samar Khan
Cinematography : Shanu Singh Rajput
Story : Because of a terror operation, An Army officer and two other people die. This case will be investigated by Lady Army Lawyer Monika Mehra(played by Jennifer Winget). While investigating this case, she found some unusual things, Because of her investigation she will find some criminal operation against Indian Army. What are those? How if affected Army? How she tackled everything?
What’s good : This crime drama is very entertaining especially when it revolves around a code. Some of the episodes from this web series are so gripping. Ending of every episode is amazing, we will have to urge to watch what happens next. Background score is amazing. Some of the scenes potrayed how army people suffer and give life to the country are so emotional. All the actors acting is good. Special mention to Rajat Kapoor.
What’s not good : Jennifer Winget has tried her best as a serious army laywer, but can done better. Some of the scenes she acted are pale and unnatural. Web series starting episodes are not quite entertaining. Web series slow Narrative. some of the logics in the series is a big minus.
Final Verdict :Apart from some of the twist, Story is pale, There are so many improvements needed. People who are excited after watching the trailer will be lil disappointed.
our Rating : 2.5/5