Cross And Bliss Won Tag Team Championships

Wrestlemania started off with Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss squaring off against the Tag Team Champions Kabuki Warriors (Kairi Sane and Asuka). Match was ended when Alexa Bliss finished off with Twisted Bliss on Kairi. Interesting match with so many interesting moments.Match was started in a funny way. Alexa Bliss and Kairi Sane started off the match in a funny way imitating and making fun of each other. but it was Kairi Sane, who got slapped. Special props to Asuka, she really knows how to work in the ring even without the fans, unlike Nikki Cross, who is clapping to the empty crowd. Check out some of the reactions from the WWE Universe:

  • Kairi’s last Mania, she gets to lose. Asuka loses another Mania match. What a nice company the WWE is
  • Cross owned that match. Good for her.
  • Except Bliss missed her move. She landed on Sane’s legs. (Finisher went wrong)
  • I’m so tired of WWE doing this to Asuka & Kairi. They are the best on that damn roster but of course Vince would make this kind of call. I hope they ask for their release cause this is annoying. They could easily run though this roster.
  • Lol someone is letting their contract expire and going back to Stardom in Japan ( In reference to Kairi Sane)
  • Damn, asuka can’t have a wrestlemania victory for nothing. this is tragic
  • Alexa finally gets her first WrestleMania victory! #BlissCrossApplesauce for the win!
  • Fantastic match wrong winners
  • Great match. The cut scene with the Kairi Sane off the top rope was very good
  • Wwe loves making the best workers and most over talent lose no reason Asuka and Kairi should have lost there more talented more over with fans no disrespect to there opponents but horrible booking
  • And the crowd goes wild congratulations Alexa and Nikki