Curtis Axel Released

Another Star Released. It’s Official. WWE has come to terms on the release of Curtis Axel. A talented wrestler who was a former intercontinental and Tag team champion. Son of the legendary wrestler, Mr. Perfect. WWE universe is very sad about the news of the release especially when he has never gotten any chance to be at the main stage.

Even though he has done a comedy act with Bo Dallas and entertained fans with his mic skills. WWE creative never really gave a chance for him to prove.Curtis Axel started his WWE career in 2007. He came into limelight after joining as one of the Nexus under Michael McGillicutty.He even stayed in CM Punk’s Nexus after agreeing to get beatdown from his fellow members. He won the Tag Team championship with Otunga as a partner defeating Big Show and Kane after the interference from CM Punk and Mason Ryan. He was managed by Paul Heyman in 2013 and defeated Triple H by knockout. He defeated John Cena in the same year after distraction from Ryback. He won the intercontinental championship after defeating Wade Barrett and The Miz in a Triple Threat match.

AxelMania. He began imitating Hulk Hogan ever since the change of the character to Axelmania after his Royal Rumble cameo in which he got attacked by Erick Rowan, before he even entered the ring. He then join as one of the Miztourage and then B Team with Bo Dallas, in which he entertained his fans with his comedy acts.

Check out the reaction of WWE Universe :

  • Curtis Axel beat Triple H, on more than one occasion in 2013, it’s a shame he didn’t go any further than that. Still a former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion, his dad will be in heaven proud of him..
  • Axel finally eliminated from royal rumble
  • Axel mania for life
  • Will always remember Axelmania Curt Hennigs son deserved better tho.
  • Hopefully #CurtisAxel can move on to bigger & better things.
  • son of Mr Perfect. Paul Heyman guy. former Intercontinental & Tag Team champion. Wasted potential.
  • You can’t release someone who is still in royal rumble match.
  • Meanwhile Seth Rollins gets ANOTHER title shot. Boring
  • Why the WWE never called him “Perfect Son” Joe Hennig I will never know. Got himself over after the rumble elimination then as Axelmania then as B-Team then WWE botched each one.
  • Perfect! Now let him go to AEW as a Henning and watch it blow up.
  • Remember when he beat HHH and was a Paul Heyman guy ?
  • The dude is the son of Mr. Perfect for crying out loud!
  • The fact that @WWE couldn’t make something of a talent like his, the son of MR PERFECT, shows how lacking in creativity they are. They are so unimaginative it’s scary.

WWE Universe is not happy with the way WWE creative team has treated Curtis Axel.