Disney Plus Live In India

Disney + Is not finally in India. This was actually has to go iv eon March 29, but there was delay because of the Coronavirus. The Hotstar App which is used mostly by the youth to watch the cricket will be now called as Disney + Hotstar. Now there will be a dedicated Tab in Hotstar app. Hotstar VIP will be called as Disney + Hotstar VIP. The new prices for Disney + is Rs 1499 for premium service, For the VIP option, you will have to pay Rs 399 per year.

You can’t view Disney + Original shows if you have Disney + Hotstar VIP. Disney+ Original shows are limited to those who have a premium service.VIP users get access to all the premium content like Lion king, frozen 2, toy story etc . However you can still access free content on Disney+ Hotstar but only with ads.