Earthquake in Delhi-NCR

2020 is a joke for everyone wondering. As if Corona is not enough, people in Delhi, Noida are facing earthquake. even though it’s a minor one, but this is not a good news. People are wondering whether to stay inside because of Coronavirus or run outside because of earth quake. This is probably the worst time to face earth quake. Check out some of the reactions from Twitter

  • Mother Earth real angry with us.
  • Dude it was not massive.. you will create unnecessary panic
  • It was just 3.4 on the richter scaleā€¦that isnt massive. Stop exaggerating
  • God have some mercy please.
  • coronavirus : I’ll kill everyone coming out. #earthquake : I’ll kill everyone staying in.
  • When you are in a condition where you neither stay at home or go outside.
  • Recollecting the first person who wished me new year 2020 #earthquake

Even though this earthquake is a minor one. We hope there will be no earthquakes in the future and wish everyone is safe.