Edge Defeated Randy Orton, But It was A Boring Match

This was the most hyped up match. But it didn’t reach the expecations of the Wrestlemania fans. This was too long, stale and boring. The opening of the match was the only highlight. Randy Orton dressed up as a cameraman and when the Randy Orton music played, he hit Edge with the RKO. but the match went on and on till the WWE universe got bored of it. They wrestled everywhere starting from the ring to the truck.Finally the match ended on a truck where Edge won with numerous chair shots on Orton. Everyone thought this will be the highlight of the Wrestlemania after what happened over the past few weeks and the story building of this bout has been a highlight. but the match and commentatory failed. Check out some of the reactions from the WWE Universe.

  • Too long wwe
  • Legends. Did a last man standing match and gave a full tour of the performance center. [LMAO]
  • Good ending, but that went on waaaaay too long.
  • Went a bit too long but a great physical match and excellent storytelling.
  • Whether you like the length of the match or not, you gotta give it to both guys. Edge especially going that long for his first match in nearly a decade is insane.
  • What a match it was slow but told a great story
  • Great finish but that dragged way to much
  • Good Match but it was way too long
  • Man that match was 9 years too long
  • Im exhausted from watching this
  • Same people complain about Goldberg match’s being to short are same ones complaining about this one being to long
  • Pretty long, but awesome match! Edge still got it