Elias Wrestlemania Update

Hey everybody, I wanted to address Wrestlemania and Baron Corbin considering everything that happened to me on Smackdown. I’m lucky to be walking right now. I dont have nay broken bones and I have a rehab facility. But i don’t know if I’m going to be allowed to compete in Wrestlemania but I’m doing everything to get on Wrestlemania. To baron, I will never bow down to the false king and that’s exactly what you are, and there is only one true king in WWE and my people remind me every time they scream ‘WALK WITH ELIAS!’. Despite everything going on in the world right now, despite you attempt to end my career, it will not be the end of the days. so there is a new king coming. and when i take that crown from you, I have the perfect song in mind!!

This is after Elias is attacked brutally by King of the ring winner Baron Corbin. Elias took to twitter. he posted an update regarding him participating in Wrestlemania. check out the video:

Check out some of the reactions below:

  • This guy is gold and soon should have some.
  • Make the match for the crown!
  • Thank you elias you are the man keep pushing!
  • That attack looked so brutal, very dramatic. Reminded me of yesteryear wwe (wwf)
  • A fall like you took onto concrete and your up and walking fine…. Face with rolling eyes I know nobody sells nowadays but this is ridiculous.
  • I friggin absolutely Love you.Elias..
  • We Walk with Elias!
  • I am glad you are OK Corbin is going to get a beating after what he did to you hope we will see you at wrestlemania