Esha Gupta : Love To All Eshanians

Esha Gupta, the bold actress has made her mark on her own in the bollywood, she worked so hard to reach this position. Even though she is most known for her photoshoots and glamarous roles. She has made her mark and proved everyone that she can act with Rejctx2 on Zee5. She in Officer Rene role has done exceptionally well. Investigation officer who investigates and discovers the truth behind the crime scenes.

Today she has posted a picture of her in a blazer. She captioned the image as ” When someone tells me they’ve not seen Rejctx2 yet” Just kidding.. I promise you I’ve been reading all your messages and emails, you’ve shown us so much love, and thank you for loving Officer Rene. I’m really blessed to have all your support guys. Thank you,much gratitude and love to all Eshanians.”

She has thanked all the people who has supported her and appreciated her role as officer Rene. She revealed that she has been checking her Dm’s and her emails and thanked her fans and well wishers for the love.
Radhika Madan has revealed that she started watching Rejctx2, she said -“I started watching Rejctx season 2 last night and I’ve been watching it since then . Drama Controversy and the bold characters are what’s keeping me hooked.”

Disha Patani -“I’ve been watching season 2 of this bold and edgy show called Rejctx 2. I’ve felt very strong connection with Sehmat. you know why, bcause she reminds me of, it’s because she doesn’t hold back and follows her heart.she decides whos she wants to love and she’s a bold person. Sehmat, I can’t wait to see where your story takes you.”