Facebook Launched Messenger Rooms

The world has shut down. Everyone is trying their best to maintain social distancing as much as they can. (hopefully). As everyone is staying home and the only way one can connect to other is through Video calling Apps. Whether you miss your loved ones, work or study. One has to use Video calling apps. There are so many apps, already in the market, with Zoom being the most popular for Group Video Calling.

Facebook has today launched Messenger Rooms, A Group Video Conferencing Tool. It allows almost 50 people to connect at once, basically a classroom. It is also reported that non Facebook users can also use this app without any issues. With How Zoom has grown over thie past few months because of Coronavirus lockdown, this will be a huge blow to them, if facebook is successful, especially their user privacy concerns growing.

We expect people shifting from Zoom App to Facebook rooms because of 40 minute time limit on Zoom App. It has also been reported that Facebook will also use this feature on Instagram, which will be a huge hit. It is still in testing phase and It is said that it will releasing soon in few countries just like their other tools.