Firefly Fun House Match Review

This match has everything. visiting past gimmicks, past moves and what not. And yeah, special mention to Bray Wyatt for singing Nikki Bella’s theme song on John Cena face. That was too good to be true. check it out:

Just like yesterday’s match between the Phenomenol AJ Styles vs The Phenom Undertaker in a Bone yard match. This was another filmy match which is as good as the boneyard match. It was like Bray Whatt playing all the gimmicks John used in his wrestling career. There was this Cena’s debut vs Kurt Angle, Dr of Thuganomics and not to forget about Cena’s match against Bray Wyarr at Wrestlemania 30. There are some mysterious events happened as John Cena acted as Hulkamania and Bray Wyatt acted as Eric Bischoff.After all the drama ends, Bray Wyatt is back as The Fiend and defeated John Cena with Mandible Claw. This is probably the greatest ever match in the Wrestlemania history. Check out some of the reactions from the WWE Universe, they cenrtainly enjoyed it.

  • The Firefly Funhouse Match is the best match in the history of professional wrestling.
  • firefly funhouse match gonna be cenas first Oscar
  • Firefly Funhouse match rewards you if you’re a lifelong wrestling fan, and that I can appreciate
  • Im fighting anyone who says that the Firefly Funhouse Match was bad. Beautifully executed in all aspects.
  • Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about my lord and savior the Firefly Funhouse Match?
  • When you think the #FireflyFunhouseMatch is going to be stupid, but ends up being very entraining.
  • Your talent amazes me @WWEBrayWyatt What an incredible #FireflyFunhouseMatch So freaking proud! [A tweet from Jojo Offerman]
  • And the 2020 Oscar for Best Director: ITS A TIE between whoever directed the Boneyard Match and whoever directed Firefly FunHouse
  • theres been a mistake. firefly funhouse match you guys won best picture. this isnt a joke.
  • I have no words. #FireflyFunhouseMatch is one of the best things Ive ever seen. Wow.
  • Bray Wyatt just played mind games with all of us. Brilliant
  • Holy hell!!! #FireflyFunhouseMatch was stunning. Couldnt take my eyes away. Absolutely captivating [Nikki Cross]
  • Ive nae idea whats going on here but I love it.