Hamsa Nandini Feeling Connected

Hamsa Nandini is having a great time because of lockdown. She has even started a youtube channel in which she posts her cooking videos. Recently she has posted amazing Thai curry. She revealed that this is the dish that made her enjoy cooking 15 years ago and how one can easily recreate this authentic dish. It’s good that she is making the most of it. once she retires from films, she can concentrate on youtube more as the videos she has been making are amazing and professional. With only 2.5k subscribers she has a long way to go! however we can see a spike in her channel once she starts telling about herself or doing a Q & A session with the fans!

Today she has posted series of pictures, in which we can see her enjoying winde in an airplane with authentic food infront of her. She posted the image with the caption reading -“Cheers to the 100 days of lockdown for me. No travelling. No packing. So No shooting, No live performing. So No dancing. No set ka khana, no parties and no dining out. Yet I feel more cnnected with myself and you all. cheers to all of us for sailing through the tough times and yet being sane!”We never realised that it’s been 100 days since the lockdown until we saw her post. She revealed that there’s no work but she still feels connected to her fans and herself.