Happy Birthday Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar has turned 32.Today she has posted a picture of her in which we can see her with a huge smile holding a placard, which reads -‘I’m giving you a chance to go live with me on the occasion of my birthday.’ She has also posted a video of her in which she has revealed that she will coming live and join with her fans.

Happy Birthday to me! This filter is making me look like a kid. But it’s good, the younger the better. Okay so I’m so excited because I’m coming live today, and I’m not coming live alone, I will come live with you.As soon as you are on my live, you’ll see something which says send request, so as soon as you send me the request I will be able to get it. If I’m able to see the request, I’m going to accept it.and Voila! You will be able to see me, I will be able to see you. The whole world will be able to see us. Wow, How fun! Since it’s a birthday party, I want you all to dress up, decked up, If possible. If you have have a drink in your hand, Coke, juice, Wine whatever but you will be only having 30 seconds. as you all know we have n number of neha’s and n number of neha kakkar lovers. Everyone should get their chance na. So I’m excited 7pm tonight.

She has been very active on social media these days. because of the lockdown. she usually doesn’t get the time for her to spend with the fans because of the amount of the work she will be having. Her voice is a magic. She is active on youtube too. She has been posting the videos of the whole kakkar family.