Hina Khan On Ekta Kapoor

Padma Shri Ekta Kapoor, producer who has been in news lately for the wrong reasons. An FIR was filed against her by Hindustani Bhau for disrespecting Indian Army. She has removed some content which potrays badly. On the occasion of her birthday, Hina Khan has wished her a Happy Birthday.

All right, You know you are my inspiration even before I became a star and I told you about it many times. you know, It’s your birthday and I want to tell you, very special and sweet thing which I discovered about you, behind the brand, the status, the glamour, the star you are, you are just a mischievous girl I met, it’s just like any of us. who loves to speak about her actions, yet stressed about her challenges and still confident to share all of that with all of us, you are so friendly, you’re so mischevious, you are just like any other girl, just like me, I connect to you so much and that’s so so special about you and just be the way you are. You are so special. I pray that one day when I reach where you are, If at all I reach. I want to be just like you. A girl full of gratitude, kind, helpful, and so mischevious, and on that note, Happy Birthday, you know I love you. God Bless.