Hina Khan Q & A

Hina Khan is having her time of the life as she reached a milestone on social media by reaching 8M followers, her popularity increased a lot after Bigg Boss.
Q) First of all, A user asked ‘How are you’?
A) Very well, Thank you.
Q) What is going on?
A) Currently, PM of India has announced unlock1.0 meaning slowly getting back to normal life. So she answered ‘Unlock1’ in sarcastic tone.
Q) Next project?
A) Funny how her previous answer matched the title of her next project ‘Unlock’ on Zee5 is her answer
Q) Any plan for singing professionally?
A) we saw her singing on Instagram, so user asked if there’s any chance to become a professional in it, She replied, ‘I don’t know, I haven’t thought of it.’
Q) What’s the first thing in your mind when you hear the word ‘corona’?
A) My mother, she’s asthmatic, so we are extra careful.
Q) Any good tips in this quarantine?
A) Be happy and let others happy
Q) Tabata or Pilates?
A) Both are important, we saw her working out with her trainer
Q) A user appreaciated her effort of cooking
A) She thanked her.
Q) Whenever you are stressed, what you do to relax yourself?
A) Try and sort the stress out.
Q) Do a project with Parth separately, be in Mv or show, you both have amazing chemistry
A) Aww sure, may be one day!
Q) one word for your fans
A) Family
Q) Twitter has released a new Instagram like feature today in India, Fans has started asking her whether she will upload and start the fleet journey? A) I know, I just noticed it today, shall post a few pictures and videos for you guys.
Q) Can we have more of this live interactive sessions with fans?
A) I shall try for sure.
Q) Night Sky or Sunsets?
A) Depends on my mood.
Q) Three little things in life that make you happy?
A) Family, work and RO
Q) Did Rocky proposed you first or you proposed him?
A) No one to be honest, Things just happened on its own.
Q) Acting or Singing?
A) Acting
Q) One word about Priyank Sharma
A) He’s my buddy.
Q) Can you post a picture with youtube silver play button?
A) Even though she has enough followers, she revealed that she hasn’t received one.
Q) One of the favorite classical songs?
A) Dil Cheez Kya Hai
Q) Can you come live with Rocky?
A) I will try
Q) Morning walk or Evening walk?
A) I’m not a morning person and evening, I will feel lazy
Q) Favorite makeup item?
A) Kajal
Q) A user asked her if she doesn’t reply now, she will be jumping off the balcony.
A) Please don’t. To get a reply from Hina Khan,her fans try so hard. This shows her popularity.
Q) Duet with Parth is pending, when will it happen?
A) I know, he’s busy with his biryani and haleem.