I Would Give A Good Morning Kiss To Shah Rukh Khan : Meera Chopra Q & A

Priyanka Chopra, Parineeti Chopra and Mannara Chopra cousin Meera Chopra has done a long Q & A session on Twitter this evening. She has answered some intresting questions.

Q) Reason for your flawless skin? You are too charming.
A) My good Genes, Honestly. I don’t do much to my skin. (Unlike other bollywood stars, she doesn’t apply products to her face.)
Q) What is your destination for the trip of your dreams. ?
A) A cruise trip to Antarctica. (Sounds like she’s an adventurous girl)
Q) With Difficulty to maintain social distancing, producers are thinking to release the films on OTT platforms like Prime and Netflix. Tamil Industry has already released a film on OTT platform. A user asked where does she prefer for movies to be released? OTT or movie theatres?
A) Always a big screen. That’s a different high. So always theater.
Q) Do you sing in shower?
A) No I’m a terrible singer, so i am scared to do that too. (She revealed that she’s not a singer unlike her cousins, Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti)
Q) A word on Taapsee?
A) I love her. She is so strong.
Q) When are you going to return to Mumbai?
A) I’ll return when covid returns to china. Till then, Delhi ( As Mumbai cases are increasing dialy, there’s no way one can travel there without being quarantined for 14 days. )
Q) When can we see you in Punjabi movies?
A) I don’t know. If I get a good script with strong role, then I’ll surely do it. (she is ready to make her debut in Punjabi films but waiting for a good story.)
Q) What are your favorite clothes?
A) Small Small clothes
Q) First thing you want to do after lockdown?
A) I miss shooting. I’m missing sets, camera etc ( A huge pain for every celebrity who love to be infront of the camera)
Q) Any plan to do women oriented movie?
A) My next webseries Kamathipura is a women centric. ( She has revealed her next project. A webseries based on women centric.)
Q) How you felt when you got chance to act with Pawan Kalyan in Bangaram?
A) When I started the film, I didn’t know he was such a huge star. But he’s always been a darling and an amazing human being. I wish him all the best in his life. (This is interesting.)
Q)Your favorite cuisine?
A) Indian. (She revealed that she’s very desi.)
Q) When will Nastik movie will be released?
A) Next year.
Q) Name 1 Person you like to have a romantic date with?
A) Shahrukh Khan.(Sounds like she has a massive crush on Shahrukh Khan, read till the end, you will get to know more about about her love on Shahrukh Khan)
Q) Have you ever saved money to buy something you want? If yes, then what was it?
A) Yes, my car and recently my house in Mumbai. we all save money all the time.
Q) Do you love pickles?
A) Love them.
Q) All time crush?
A) I’m tired of saying this. It’s Baadshah of Bollywood (Shahrukh Khan) Q) Favorite Tamil Hero?
A) Ajith
Q) Your favorite place in India?
A) Kashmir.
Q) Any hobby you developed recently?
A) Oh yes, Accupressure. Have been doig it on my parents. It’s very effective.
Q) Describe yourself in 5 words?
A) Loyal, Righteous, Fierce, Homely, Impatient.
Q) Pizza or Panipuri?
A) I don’t know, I’m a foodie. I want both.
Q) Most saddest truth of film industry?
A) Its very cut throat and cold.
Q) Whose songs you like the most?
A) Arijit singh, I like romantic songs.
Q) If you had to spend $10,000 today, how would you spend it?
A) I’ll save it.
Q) Few words about Akshay Kumar?
A) He’s an amazing human being, Great actor and a greaat family guy.
Q) Are you single?
A) No I’m not. (She has finally revealed that she’s in a relation, who is he? only time will tell.)
Q) What do you think about management of Covid crisis by government? A) Honestly I’m nobody to comment on this. But I feel there should be more testing. This test costs Rs. 4500. not many people can afford this. It should be free. And we have to protect our doctors by not giving fake PPE kits(Some great words from Meera Chopra.)
Q) Favorite social media App?
A) Instagram.
Q) favorite dress?
A) Pajama and T-shirt
Q) Lazy or Active?
A) Lazy.
Q) What is the secret of your sensuous appeal or oomph factor?
A) She has revealed that sensuality is in chopra blood.
Q) DC or Marvel
A) Sounds like she doesn’t watch these kind of movies as she already revealed that she’s a pure desi girl.
Q) If it’s not for movies, what would you be?
A) She revealed that she’ll be a journalist like Barkha Dutt as she admires a lot.
Q) why did you choose to play such a strong character in section 375?
A) Because it is important to play such roles. It’s a mirror of our society and also, you will be feeling good after playing such difficult roles. If it’s for dancing, everyone can do that.
Q) Favorite Telugu Hero?
A) Mahesh Babu
Q) What do you think about the year, 2020?
A) I really want this year to dissappear.(With so many losses from Bollywood Industry and also people are dying because of the pandemic, we all wish the same)
Q) Weight?
Q) We’ve often seen your travel pics. Any lesser known gems that you discovered on your travels?
A) Brugge, it’s a small town from Belgium. It’s heavenly.
Q) Do you like to swim?
A) I’ve been swimming since I was 3. I’m a great swimmer. And, I love swimming in the ocean. Pools are boring. (Woah! We don’t know about this till now. Isn’t she amazing?)
Q) What is the one thing you can’t sleep without?
A) Withou watching some show, just before the I sleep. That is my addiction (She has revealed that she can’t sleep before watching some show or webseries as she is addicted to them)
Q) Favorite color?
A) Yellow, Pink and Red.
Q) Favorite SRK movie?
A) Chak De India.
Q) One word about her fans?
A) Whatever I’m now is because of them. I genuinely love all of them.
Q) If you are down and not motivated, who helps you to life your mood? A) Myself infront of the mirror. People who live alone are used to this.
Q) Biggest Strength?
A) My determination
Q) One word about Mumbai?
A) I love it because people are so helpful and also how it is multi cultured city.
Q) One word about Shraddha Kapoor.
A) Beautiful and Stunning.
Q) A user asked about Jr NTR.?
A) She revealed that she don’t know him and not his fan (Some brave words from her, she received some hate from NTR fans.)
Q) If you could magically do one thing? What is that?
A) I would eradicate poverty from the world. So that people can eat food and basic necessities.
Q) If you could wake up tomorrow in body of someone else, whom would you pick and what would you do?
A) Gauri Khan’s body and would give a good morning kiss to Shahrukh Khan.
Q) Favorite webseries from Hollywood?
A) Money Heist.
Q) A word do you use most?
A) Oho.
Q) How do you choose movies?
A) Lot of things, your role, good producer, Co stars, and the most important, Awesome script.
Q) Favourite indoor game?
Q) HAve you done any role which is very close to you? A) I’ve done a Telugu movie titled ‘Vaana’. That role is closest to me.
Q) One word about Hritik Roshan? A) God of Good looks. No one like has exist.

This was the longest Q & A session, she has ever done. Even if we compare to other Bollywood stars, this was the longest. She has answered some interest questions. which may get into controversy regarding Jr. NTR and SRK. only time will tell. But her fans have enjoyed a lot and got to know about her so much. Nastik and Mogali Puvvu are her next flicks.