Inspirational Gul Panag

Gul Panag is not just an actress who has done Bollywood films. Yeah, she made a name for herself because of Bollywood. But she is more than that. From her childhood she struggled a lot shuffling between almost fourteen schools because of her father being in Army and serving the country. She also has a NGO, which focuses on gender equality and education. Even though she has participated in elections, she lost it. Her husband Rishi Attari is a pilot. surprisingly, Gul Panag is a certified Pilot and also a Formula 1 driver.

Few days ago, SI Harjeet Singh is in news for a very sad news, His hand was chopped off by angry mob in Punjab’s Patiala district. It’s heart breaking. all the police officers changed the name to Harjeet singh for a day to express the solidarity and show the angry mob that all the police officers have the unity and to fight against these problem makers.Other celebrities are spending time cooking various dishes, playing games, doing fitness and what not, but Gul Panag is trying to give the strength to the nation.We’ve seen her doing live with mumbai police SI, Shalini Sharma . It was an inspirational message. Police men like Shalini Sharma with her inspiring words urged the citizen to stay indoors.

Harjeet Singh will be live with Gul Panag at 12 Noon On 10th May . Stay tuned. She says- “During the lockdown, I’m getting better at time management, getting fitter, self reliant, eating better, growing more resilient.” She asked her followrs what they were doing?
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