It took me only few seconds to do Buttabomma steps : Pooja Hegde

Everyone is in Quarantine. No matter whether you’re an actor or an IT employee. To kill the boredom, Celebrities on various social media platforms are performing various tasks. Today, On Twitter our Buttabomma Pooja Hegde has answered some Interesting questions asked by various users on Twitter.

Check out her Answers below:

Your opinion about Hrithik Roshan?
A) Forever drooling over this man Drooling face beautiful inside AND out! So rare.

Your favourite singer @hegdepooja mam?
A) Fav Singer/Music Director/ Musician – @arrahman another legend.

If you weren’t a actor…Which profession would you prefer the most?
A) Maybe a stylist or a Photographer

@hegdepooja a few words about Super Star Rajini pls?
A) Legend.

Being an actor, . . . . . . . do you feel positive and excited to go to set daily to act in new scenes or is it as bored as working in other jobs such as office job which makes us do the same thing again and again ? Would love to hear your answer on this @hegdepooja?
A) It’s definately not like a regular job…it’s very dynamic in nature…but o am genuinely excited to get up early in the morning and heard to work…It’s not that it’s always easy, it can get very challenging some days…but it’s definitely all worth it.

Your most frequently used mobile app??
A) Whatsapp! And instagram!

@hegdepooja Mam What’s ur daily routine in this lockdown?
A) Eat. Sleep. Watch. Repeat.

What Is Your Fvrt Song ? @hegdepooja
A) Manasa Manasa from Most Eligible Bachelor Smiling face have u heard it yet?

If you had a superpower, what would you want it to be ??
A) Ability to teleport! Snap my fingers and travel. Maybe time travel too!

What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing?
A) Believed in Santa Claus when I was a kid, wrote a lot of letters to him too! Hahahahaha maybe I’ll share one someday

What’s you hair strength secret?
A) Coconut oil

What makes u d most happiest person ever!?How do u maintain such infectious smile on ur face always!?
A) Hahahahaha… it’s quite simple actually… I just CHOOSE to be happy…even in the toughest times, u have to tap into the happy’s something that’s internal and if u can make someone laugh, that always helps you feel better too

how long did you took for practicing #ButtaBomma steps ?
A) A few seconds

@hegdepooja Madam Remember this song #Gopikamma Mukunda
A) So happy to have got this beautiful, solo song so early in my career… it’s very hard to come by these days… I’m still called Gopikamma by people sometimes

Your thoughts on SRK?
A) King of Romance. Hands down! No competition there.

Tell us about your Telugu fan’s?
A) Na Jivitham

who is your inspiration mam ?
A) So many women inspire me! @ReeseW @TheEllenShow and @EmmaWatson are GOALS in so many different ways. Kind, Resilient and determined women, who are constantly challenging the status quo. #AskPooja

Mam What’s your favorite subject during school days?
A) Physics,English and Technical Drawing

One word about @NameisNani Anna @hegdepooja
A) Can I use two words? Brilliant actor

What hav u learned abt yourself since u became a celebrity? @hegdepooja
A) That I’m mentally stronger than I thought I was

do u miss ur shootings and photoshoots??
A) Yes! I miss being on set, it’s one of the most satisfying parts of my life. However right now it’s the time to stay home and be safe…so using my time to introspect and build on myself

on the work front, She’ll be next seen in Akhil’s Most Eligible Bachelor and Jaan