Keep A Box Of Tissues Next To You : Avantika Mishra

Meeku Maathrame Chepta Actress Avantika Mishra has made her mark in Tollywood Industry. Now she’s aiming to do the same in Kollywod Industry. She’s making her debut in Tamil with Nenjamellam Kadhal. she has been very active on social media because of lockdown. Due to raise in cases in Tamil Nadu, there’s no way, shooting is going to resume anytime soon. so for now, her debut in Tamil may get postponed. She has been sharing her pictures with some interesting captions. She has also shared a picture of what she’s been watching on Netflix. she has shared a poster of the film, First They Killed My Father, It is directed by Angelina Jolie, yes you read it right. The story revolves around a 5 year old kid, who is forced to be trained as a soldier, which her siblings are sent to labor camps during the Khmer Rouge regime. It is a very emotional movie and people who cries while watching sensitive scenes has to keep tissues near them according to Avantika Mishra.

Pick for the day! #FirstTheyKilledMyFather watched this heart wrenching, emotionally cleansing piece of art. Wonderful tribute to the people who lost their lives and the ones who braved this harrowing event. keep a box of tissues next to you if you plan on watching this.

She asked her fans to keep the tissue box ready if they ever plan to watch this film as this contains many heart wrenching scenes, based on true story. This movie has won many awards like Hollywood Film Awards, National Board of Review – Freedom of Expression Award and many more

She has also shared another image of her in which we can see a flower above her ear, where she captioned it as -“overgrown brows and no make up kinda days. summer 2020, I expected more from you.” because of lockdown, there are no salons, as a result of that, many actors have shared their images with overgrown brows and overgrown moustache hair. check out the image