Kriti Sanon : 4 Things I Miss

Kriti Sanon has today shared a video of her in which she was revealed the details of the four things she missed the most. “Hi guys, well I don’t know how many days it’s been since we all have been home. And, I was just thinking what are things that I’m really missing. And I thought, I’ll tell you four. so firstly, I’m really and definitely missing being on a film set, shooting, being in front of the camera, performing. I’m really missing that now. Secondly, I’m missing chilling with my friends. Maybe, you know, going for a movie in a theater with a big, big tub of cheese and caramel popcorn. Thirdly, I’m really missing working out in a gym. I really hope these opens soon. fourthly, I’m missing my salon at home services by urban company, Guys, I really heard you are opening very soon with all the COVID safety measures. I hope it’s true and I keep checking your app to see when you’re opening because I miss being pampered. So these are the four things, I’m missing. What are you missing during this lock down? Tell me four things.”

She revealed she missing being on the sets just like any other actor. All their life from many years at least 5 days out of a week, They’ll at least face the camera once and all of a sudden all the shooting stopped. So definitely she is going to miss it. With all the malls and entertainment stuff closed down because of lock down and with rapid increase in Maharashtra, there’s no they’re going to open anytime soon. She revealed that she misses going to movie and having cheese caramel popcorn. She also revealed that even though she has been working out in home, working out at the gym with the support from others gives different vibes and lastly, she missed being pampered because there’s no urban clap services in Mumbai. She hopes they’ll be operational just like other states.

Urban Company has replied to Kriti Sanon ” we miss serving you too! And you heard it right. we’re ready to serve you with the utmost safet and hygeine as soon as services resume in your area. like we have in orange and green zones in most cities.” She replied with a can’t wait GIF.

She wished Mukesh Chhabra, A casting Director a Happy Quarantine Birthday, “I’d say have the best 2021. 2020 toh rehne hi do. But today, eat a lot and have out favorite drink from my side. Virtual cheers. Happy Birthday bro.”