Lasya Never Have I Ever

Lasya Manjunath was a very popular anchor. But she has stopped anchoring after marriage. We saw her on Pandaga Sir Pandaga Anthey ugadi Special event after a long gap. She is still very active on social media, thanks to her famous youtube channel Lasya Talks, which has over 287k subscribers. She has played Never Have I ever with my Husband.

Q) Never Have I Ever Left Bar or Restaurant without paying? Lasya : I have(In Petrol Bunk for Rs. 100 because so much Queue, They said they’ll go to ATM but never returned back as they don’t even have pocket money in the struggling times.), Manjunath : I have. (in Youth in Bar)
Q) Never Have I Ever Peed In Swimming Pool Lasya: I have(Basically, I don’t know swimming, just right after 30 minutes because of the cold water, I will be uncomfortable), Manjunath : I have( office outing when it was so urgent)
Q) Never Have I Ever Cried In Public? Lasya : I have(Failed in Engineering in First year, First backlog. I didn’t know it was common to fail) , Manjunath : I have (In childhood in 10th class, intermediate)
Q) Never Have I Ever Lied With Your Partner? Lasya : Never, Manjunath : I have(To manage for your happiness)
Q) Never Have I Ever Sung In The Shower? Lasya : I have(After applying conditioner, I need to wait for 5 minutes, I don’t want to do, so I Sing), Manjunath : I have
Q) Never Have I ever stolen anything? Lasya: I have(Nampally Exhibition, stolen clips), Manjunath : Never(Stolen from Dad, Rs.10 for buying cricket balls)
Q) Never Have I ever gone without a bath or shower for more than a week? Lasya : Never, Manjunath : I have (Saturday and Sunday Never bath. Saves Soap)
Q) Never Have I ever fake cried to get what I want? Lasya : Never, Manjunath : I have(used to cry a lot in childhood)
Q) Never Have I ever used Toothbrush that does not belong to you? Lasya : I have(Before marriage, never, After marriage, used Manjunath), Manjunath : I have. (My brothers, cousins, and Lasya’s too)
Q) Never Have I ever played Pubg. Lasya: None, Manjunath : Never ( Never installed Pubg, I thought I will be addicted)
Q) Never have I ever bunked the class. Lasya : I have(CBIT College, Mass Bunk), Manjunath : I have ( In school and college for movies)