Lavanya Tripathi : Trust In Dreams

Andala Rakshasi Actress Lavanya Tripathi has been active on social media posting her crazy pictures. Even though she hasn’t done a live session or any sort of interacting session with fans like other heroines, she has been consistent on social media by posting at least one picture of her. Today she has shared a image of her wearing a white top and a denim Jeans. We can see her toned abs. She captioned the image as ‘Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.’ Check out the image

Today she has shared some funny and interesting things on social media. She has shared a image of her taking a nap for which she captioned it as ‘Well, I was trying to workout, I don’t know when did this happen.’ Looks like she has been working out so hard as we can see her toned abs in the above pictures. She has also shared a funny video of her wearing a 3d glasses. With no cook’s and celebrities staying away from family and stuck far away from loved ones, one has to cook on their own, cutting onion is the hardest part in cooking. Lavanya Tripathi has given a suggestion to wear 3d glasses while cutting, so that one can get the better view.