Lio Rush Answers Your Questions

Lio Rush answered some of the questions asked by WWE Universe

do you miss being in a manager role at all? or do you prefer being a singles competitor?
A) I never saw it as a manager role really. I was a lot more active than most. I think I’m general i miss talking to the people. I miss getting them to react and feel.

You can have anyone in wrestling history manage you, who and why?
A) Heyman and MVP

Best part about the partnership with Lashley?
A) Being able to learn from a legend at all times. In the ring, out the ring, on the road, at restaurants, on the bus, at the hotels. Constantly learning.

Favorite 90’s wrestler?
A) X-Pac

How does it feel to wrestle in an empty arena?
A) Not entirely sure how that feels within the WWE since I am currently home. But i know what it feels like to wrestle in front of no people. All the time on the independent circuit. It’s a blast!

What title you wanna go for next excluding your cruiserweight title?
A) Any title that has a holder that is not deserving.

what made you become a pro wrestler?
A) the thrill

Are you gonna actually build a studio in your house?
A) I most definitely am. These thoughts got to go somewhere.

Who’s your inspiration when it comes to your music?
A) That’s pretty hard to narrow down to one. Not only am I influenced and inspired by many artists, but by many genres. Rap, R&B, pop, heavy metal.

It is interesting to learn that he never liked managing. He also revealed that Instagram has cut short him IG Live feeds. So Lio Mania will no longer be taking place for this week.

FACT: Lio Rush was a Cruiserweight champion for 63 days before losing to Angel Garza