Mahesh Babu Q & A

on the occasion of Superstar Krishna, Legend of Tollywood. Mahesh Babu has released the next film poster and title ‘Sarkaru Vaari Paata’. Directed by Parasuram, Geeta Govindham director. and Music by Thaman.He has done a mini Q & A on Instagram today around 5 Pm.

Q) Your Favorite Color and Food?
A) My favourite color is blue and I love my traditional Hyderabadi Biryani. (Hyderabad Biryani’s magic. The best in the country. No wonder we have seen him wearing blue on many ocassions)
Q) How is your quarantine life with your family?
A) It’s been an experience of the life time. I’ve done so many things with them that wouldn’t be able to do, had I been working. ( As Actors are busy with their shooting stuff, they won’t get enough time to spend time with their kids. He revealed that he has done so many interesting things which he didn’t do till now because of his busy schedule)
Q) When is your movie going to release?
A) we are all hoping that things settle and work starts soon. Will let you know as soon as I do. ( He hopes that everything will be fine so that they can start the shooting. so that he can let his fans know the exact date)
Q) Which is your favorite game ?
A) I’m really enjoying my playing tennis, gold and baseball online with my son, Gautam. (People wanted to know about his real life games, but he revealed the games he play online with his son, Gautam)
Q) Do you miss you work?
A) I definitely do (Just like other top stars, he misses the shooting and being in front of the camera)
Q) Best dish you can cook for your children?
A) With a laughing emoji, he answered maggi Noodles.
Q) First look is super messy. Good luck to start of yet another hattrick.
A) Thank you (After spyder, he has got back to back hits with Bharat Ane Nenu and Maharshi.)
Q) Who is your inspiration?
A) My Father. (Legendary Actor, Krishna Garu)
Q) A user asked How much do you love Namrata Mam?
A) He replied with Are you married?? First tell me.(looks like he doesn’t like to answer silly questions)
Q) Do you like Rashmika Mandanna or Samantha?
A) I’m extremely fond of both of them. they have been amazing co-stars. (Looks like he has moved on from Samantha’s comments regarding one of his poster)
Q) Secret of being handsome hunk?
A) Thank you very much for the compliment, work very hard to stay fit and healthy. (Namrata shirodkar has been sharing the videos of him exercising, no wonder he is so fit and handsome at this age)
Q) One word about your father?
A) One word is not enough to describe him.
Q) Does this Qurantine changed your lifestyle and how it’s effected your dialy life?
A) Not really, My lifestyle stays the same however and wherever I am. I’m early to bed, early to raise kind of person. ( He has revealed that he sleeps early and gets up early. Is this the secret of his beauty?)
Q) What keeps you so determined?
A) My hunger for Perfection. ( so many directors have revealed about his perfection. He won’t be happy until everything is perfect. Even the top director like Puri Jagan has told this)
Q) What your kids doing?
A) Both are playing their video games with their respective friends. (love for games)
Q) A user names mani has said that he wants to see him in James Bond kind off movie. Can we expect in future?
A) Mani please send the script if you can. would love to do one. (we can expect his inbox will be full of aspiring story writers and directors from now on)
Q) What would you like to remembered about you?
A) I would like to be remembered as a great actor, an amazing father to my children and a great husband to my wife.
Q) T20 or Test Cricket?
A) Test Cricket, No two ways about it (He has revealed the love for Test Cricket unless other people who are mostly fond of ODI’s and T20)
Q) Will you ever do a Bollywood movie?
A) What do you think? (He has replied with a question. Even in North, he has massive fan following. who wouldn’t like to see him in Bollywood.)
Q) Will you do another movie with Puri Jagannath?
A) Absolutely I would. Puri is one of my favourite directors. I’m still waiting for him to come and narrate to me. (Puri jagannath gave him the biggest hit of his career, one more movie with him would be amazing and a treat for the fans)
Q)It’s raining and climate is so good. which snack you want to eat now?
A) Mirchi Bajji with Hot Ginger Tea.
Q) When can we expect your movie with Rajamouli garu?
A) Yes definitely you can, I’m for one very much looking forward to it. (woah! this would be amazing it this ever happens. He even tagged Rajamouli’s official account. So we may expect one?)
Q) Do you read books? What’s your favourite?
A) Yes. Right now I’m finishing Sapiens.
Q) Crush on anyone?
A) I did at 26, then I married her. He tagged Namrata Shirodkar. (cute couple)
Q) One word about your Mullakai(drumstick) Mutton, your favorite dish by your grandma?
A) He replied with don’t remind me now. with a tongue out emoji
Q) You are your son same height?
A) He’s on his way there, anytime now. with a wink. We’ve seen them measuring heights, from 1 Nenokadine, he has grown a lot.
Q) Views on David Warner’s Mind Block?
A) He was simply awesome (David Warner has been attracting Tollywood audience with his amazing dance moves)
Q) Who do you like more? Sitara or Gautam?
A) Both of them are a part of me. How could I love them less.
Q) Theme of new movie , Sarkaru Vaari Paata?
A) Sarkaru vaari Paata is a complete entertainer with a strong message. I’m really excited about it.
Q) What is your favourite workout?
A) Functional and good leg workout. (Yes, you read it right, he said leg workout, leg!)
Q) Best friend?
A) Namrata Shirodkar (His wife is his best friend)
Q) How would you love to spend your free time?
A) I read and watcch a lot of movies, I swim, I train, I play with my kids and my dogs. I have a lot on my plate.
Q) One word about fans?
A) Guys, I have always said this and am saying it again, I’m here because of your love and unconditional support. I will always try to give my best to you no matter what. Love you all a lot, stay home stay safe in these rough times. God Bless.
Q) Nickname?
A) He revealed that his nick name is Nani (This is something new to listen as he didn’t revealed this till now)
Q) Favourite Cricketer?
A) Mahendra Singh Dhoni, virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar. (All time favourite)
Q) Do you watch web series?
A) Just finished Defending Jacob. It’s very interesting.
Q) Names of your pet dogs?
A) Nobita and Pluto
Q) Favorite Junk food?
A) Burgers and Pizza (He must be missing a lot right now)
Q) Is Goutham going to be Hero in the future?
A) I guess, he wants to. only time will tell. (we believe he will)
Q) How do you think life will be after lockdown?
A) Life will be different post lockdown. Be safe, wear a mask and be aware. we all have to accept this new normal. So stay safe you all. (with ongoing cases and lockdown extensions, which is not helping , one should learn to live with the virus, so he answered correctly.)