Mandira Bedi Tang Lollies Recipe

Mandira Bedi has been very active on the social media these days. She has been entertaining her followers. One thing we can guarantee, She is 48 years old. But She never look like one.Thanks to her fitness levels and healthy lifestyle. She has today shared a video of her preparing a Tang lollies with her son. Vir suggested the name. Check out this cute video of Mom and Son duo.

she captioned the image as “It’s Summer time and it’s time to beat the heat with an interesting Tang Popsicle Recipe‚Ķoh Tang Lollies actually. Do try it out and let us know how it was. Vir and I definitely enjoyed having them. Yummmmmm” In the video she has revealed the procedure of preparing “Summer is really beating down on us and it’s time for something yummy and refreshing. So today we gonna make some orange Tang popsicles. What do you say vir? Just call them tang lollies. That’s an interesting name. Okay, 2 tablespoons of this delicious tang, Lil bit of salt, Lil bit of lime, Two mint leaves each in these moulds very quickly. Diced mangoes goes in. Let’s put some of the tang into the mould.There you go, All Done! Nice and secured. In the freezer for about 2 or three hours. Really cool combination. Orang tang lollies with mango and mint leaves.”

She has reposted one of the post from her boutique, Mandira Bedi Designs, It is an eclectic collection which features Sarees that are traditional yet quirky, classic yet inventive.