NBK Aditya 369 Sequel Plan

Nandamuri Balakrishna has been active in Cinemas with back to back movies. But his experiment ‘NTR’ Biopic hasn’t reached the expectations everyone had. He’s planning a blockbuster comeback soon. He gave a nod to his favorite director Boyapati. One schedule has already completed for his next film. But because of lockdown, shootings has come to a halt.

It is als confirmed that Balakrishna is going to play dual role in this film. One role is Aghora and another role is of Businessman. According to various rumours they’re plannng for a title named ‘Monarch’. However it is not confirmed yet. But currently All the talk is about Balakrishna’s next flick. According to sources, he wants to experiement another film. This time with a science fictional movie. At present, there are so many directors waiting in queue to direct NBK. The question is whom will Bakrishna select out of all the directors? It is yet to be relieved.

But, senior Director, Singeetam Srinavasarao, who directed Aditya 369, one of the iconic film in Tollywood industry is planning for a sequal for Balakrishna. Either it will be a sequal or it will be another science fiction movie is yet to know. But the budged has to be high according to the rumours. From the year, 2016 the sequal for Aditya 369 is on news, there were also rumours that the title is finalised as Aditya 999 and what not! After a year with no rumour on that film, it is back in the news again. But if this sequel ever planned, this will be a huge news for Balakrishna fans. if it happened with a high budget, will it be pan india film? Only time will tell! so stay tuned. currently, there is a rift going on between NBK and Naga babu, we hope they solve this ongoing rift as soon as possible.