Never Regret Anything : Sakshi Agarwal

Actress Sakshi Agarwal has today shared a picture of her wearing a beautiful saree in which she is absolutely gorgeous. She has posted series of pictures in the same saree, she captioned those images as ‘ Never regret anything that made you smile’ for the picture in which she’s smiling and ‘when you’re a pure soul, you don’t lose people, people lose you’ for another picture in which we can see her standing in her balcony. She worked so hard in her career to reach this position. Check out her picture

She even changed her bio on social media in related to ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. she is trying her best to make people not panic. “We will fight Coronavirus and get through this together” is her bio.
She worked so hard in her initial stages of her career in movie industry. She started as one of the role in which she’s just a side character, where we can see her ordering a coffee n Raja Rani. Now she has three films in her hand, Cinderella(starring Laxmi Raai, a Thriller & Horror film), Aayiram Jenmangalstaring GV Prakash Kumar, Eesha Rebba and returning Nikesha Patel, This is also a horror film but with a comedy touch) and Teddy (starring husband and wife Arya and Sayyeshaa, A kids Animation film, directed by shakti Sounder Rajan).