Nitya Naresh Q & A

Operation Gold Fish Actress Nitya Naresh has done a Q & A. Check out some of her answers.

Q) How to convince my parents about my interest in films as they are not ready to send me?
A) wow, that’s a tough one. Our families always want the best for us. If you get real opportunities I’m sure, they will support you.. PS : With Corona and the world now, Us actors are looking for other opportunities. Hahaha
Q) Who is it the actor that you want to act with if you get an opportunity? A) OMG as many as I can in this career.
Q) Where do you get your genes from?
A) Hebar Iyengar from Mysore and Malayali from Trivandrum. From these gorgeous people! She posted a picture of her parents. Check out

Q) When are we dancing again? Asked by Naveen Kumar, Photographer, Kizomba Dancer, Salsa Dancer. We assume he is her friend.
A) OMG ! I hope soon, I need to practice before I forget everything.
Q) Favorite food?
A) Pani Puri, Chole Bature, Ghee Sambar Rice, Butter Chicken, Crispy Dosa, Creamy Pesto Pasta
Q) Are those curls natural?
A) Yes
Q) What would you like to say about indian mythology with own character?
A) I have always been a fan of indian mythology. My childhood years were filled with so many bed time stories from my grand mother telling me different stories that were passed down.
Q) How many movies did you act till now?
A) 4 movies from Telugu and 2 in Malayalam
Q) Who is your best friend in movie industry and I’m a huge fan of you and your sister, loads of love to you.
A) I have lot of friends in the industry but my best friends are not part of the industry. Aww thank you so much I love my baby sister too!
Q) How can you be so cute?
A) hahaha with a thinking emoji
Q) Is lockdown boring for you?
A) I’m keeping myself busy!
Q) Are you a Telugu girl?
A) Not by birth. But I am now!
Q) You posted a picture of a kid few days back? Who is she?
A) This is my best friends daughter.
Q) You have boyfriend?
A) Not yet!
Q) Without makeup picture?
A) I post without makeup pics almost every morning after my workout.

Q) What is your passion apart from acting?
A) DIY crafts, Art work, A lot of creative things, Dancing, Bathroom singing, Cooking, working out!
Q) Which profession would you choose, if not an actor?
A) Business woman, Teacher, Content Creator.
Q) Favorite Marvel Hero?
A) Captain America, Black Widow, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch.
Q) Missing Starbucks Coffee?
A) Not at all. Best filter coffee is made at home.!
Q) Define Nitya Naresh in 5 food items/Drinks?
A) Very Interesting Question, 1) Cotton candy – Because I’m sweet.2) Gulab Jamun -Because once you are a part of my life. You’re stuck to me and I’ll never leave you. 3) Kaccha Mango Pickle -Because I’m naughty and spicy too! 4) Margarita – Because I’m funny and entertaining 5) Ghee Sambar Rice – Because I’m super loyal, like our favorite simple food.
Q)How is your college life and friends?
A) I think I had an amazing college life and made some of the best friends of my life there. Friends I know I’m going to grow old with!
Q) You can only pick one. Croissant or Chewy brownie?
A) Why would you do that? My two most favorite food. I think it’s gonna be croissants cause I can eat a dozen at one go.
Q)What did you study?
A) I did my post graduation from St. Xaviers, Mumbai in Film, TV and video production..
Q) Favorite place to travel?
A) I love travelling So I love discovering new places, people and cultures.
Q) When will you marry?
A) When I find the right man! I know I’ll just feel it in my bones when I meet the one.
Q) Have you ever been in a relationship? Irrespective of it do you ever feel lonely and want to be with someone?
A) Wow, That’s an extremely personal Question. But yeah, I think like everyone else. I’d also love to spend my life with someone and I think about that from time to time. PS : I’m in no hurry though. When it’s meant to be he’ll find me.
Q) Favorite movie you acted?
A) Ennalum Sharath.? It’s my second malayalam movie.