Nupur Sanon Tribute To Real Heroes

Nupur Sanon has been very active on social media trying her best to bring awareness regarding the ongoing pandemic and hoping everyone out there is safe. Not just social media, she was active in real life too. Today we can see her distributing Icecreams to people who are real heroes, corona warriors working in this scortching heat. She has posted the video and captioned the video as “While we all sit in the comforts of our homes and crib about ‘feeling bored’ guess who’s not bored? guess who’s out there working day and night for us? Our Corona Warriors !! So here is a little gesture to say Dil se (from heart) thank you to our real heroes. Praying for their health and safety while they take risks for us with a smile on their faces.”

We can see in the video she has given ice creams to Sweepers, Nurses, Police officers and so many people who are working in this current situation putting their life at risk. Even though these heroes are wearing protection gear, they are still getting effected including doctors. She hopes every ones health is safe. Watching them smiling melts my heart. It’s a beautiful tribute from Nupur Sanon to warriors. Check out the video

she has posted a beautiful picture of her in which she captioned the image as “It’s less in the way they’ll look at you. It’s more in the way they won’t look elsewhere. and their eyes will look like they’ve stopped searching”

Isn’t she pretty?