Official : Braun Strowman Vs Goldberg

WWE has finally announced the Goldberg’s opponent for Universal Title at Wrestlemania. It is Braun Strowman!Roman Reigns is the original opponent for Goldberg. but he has backed out of Wrestlemania because of his health issues with Leukemia. There is no statement from the WWE regarding Roman Reigns. Check out some of the reactions from the WWE universe:

  • The announcement of Braun Strowman and Goldberg at WrestleMania was so quiet I completely missed it on the air. That was beyond lazy.
  • Where’s the EXPLANATION about WHY Roman Reigns got replaced by Braun Strowman? Why couldn’t Michael Cole just say “Braun is taking Roman’s place against Goldberg due to Roman’s health concerns.” Why does everything have to be so f**** political. GOD I HATE THIS COMPANY!
  • I think Vince is about to Bury Roman and make Braun the new face of the company because Reigns chose Health over Career.
  • No explanation. No storyline. No nothing. This match will be a disaster.
  • Braun losing in 10 seconds? Nice.
  • You not gonna even give it some sort of explanation or build ?
  • That’s the most underwhelming match announcement I’ve seen in a long time. Blink and you’d miss it
  • WWE buried Strowman and now trying to force this dumb match on us when Mania should be postponed to begin with
  • Me trying to find a reason why.
  • Any reason WHY what has strowman done to deserve a title match this is so lazy just shows you dont care about the fans
  • Exactly, @SuperKingofBros already has a history with Oldberg! Why not give MATT Riddle a chance? You’ve already ruined Braun by building him and then turning him into a joke. You had your next monster like Kane but you make Strowman lose MITB and E-chamber.