Otis Got His Girl Finally!

This is one of the highlights of Wrestlemania Day 2. There were no haters on this match. Otis finally got his pop he deserved . Have a live crowd could’ve been one of the greatest moments in the history of the Wrestlemania. Otis and Rose Celebrated after the match with a kiss. Match was started with a great offense. It was Sonya Deville who distracted Refereee, which helped Ziggler with a kick to groin. Later Mandy Rose came out andgave one of the craziest slaps to Sonya Deville with the Ref distracted, Ziggler got his deserved low blow and Otis finished the match with his Caterpillar Elbow drop for the win. Check out the hightlights of the match and happy reactions from the WWE universe.

That Slap though.

  • Imagine the pop would have there been a crowd… damn :/
  • Otis…The Man, The Myth, The Legend!
  • Best damn story in years. Ended on the happiest note possible. What a ride. OTIS GETS THE GIRL IN THE END All worth it. Now take your peach home bro!!!
  • We love to see it !!!
  • My man Otis giving hope to us all
  • You gotta love happy endings! Otis deserves all of this!
  • Man this needed the crowd the eruption of 60,000+ fans would of made this perfect
  • The slap heard around the world!
  • Match made in Heaven I love it!