Payal Rajput Head Massage

Payal Rajput has today shared a video of her getting a head massage and relaxing. She is recieving the massage from Candy. Candy is not a human being, It’s her dog. The video is so cute. Her dog is pulling the hair and her smiling to it and calling it a massage. Do Not miss the video. check out here.

Isn’t it cute? two days ago, she has released a short film in which she acted ‘A writer’. According to the reports, this is shot in just 24 hours. It is directed by Saurabh Dhingra. She must be so happy that she was back infront of the camera after so long, even though it’s a short film. for celebrities who love being in front of the camera, this is a huge boost.Check out the beautiful short film. She has got many good reviews for the film because of her great acting skills.
“I can only imagine the kind of hard work and dedication this must have taken! To create a short film, single-handedly, is truly commendable. looking forward to another one very soon. Payal Rajput, you looked gorgeous as always and I don’t need to compliment your art for you are undoubtedly a brilliant performer!” – Tanya Malik, writer and content creator.

She has also entertaining her fans by using some of the most funniest filters on social media. she has shared a lockdown look of her in which she has a fake moustache, because of the filter. check out the picture