Payal Rajput’s Health Suggestion

RX 100 Actress Payal Rajput has given suggestions to her followers regarding health and immunity. She has shared the supplements she takes to help her immune system.She posted the picture of her supplements with the caption ‘usually your body can heal itself by making new healthy cells and ramping up an immune response to destroy any infected one. but supplements are really important. So please start taking them. Thanks.’

Instagram is mainly now-a-days used for promotions of products, be it beauty products or health products. Brands approach celebrities to promote on Instagram. So before people question whether this is a promotional post. She added it in the picture itself -‘ I’m not doing collaboration or promotion, one should add these supplements for immune support. you can go for any brand.’

Payal Rajput has been very active on social media because of the current scenario. She has been sharing her photos. Today she has posted this gorgeous picture of him, to which Mumaith Khan commented ‘Meri Cutipie’. Check out the image.