Poonam Kaur On Politicians

Controversial Actress Poonam Kaur needs no introduction. Last week, we have seen her comments on Jalsa Movie starring Pawan Kalyan. She cut down the rumours that she was sad because she lost the opportunity to work in Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan Starrer Jalsa. She revealed that those are untrue and the only person she would like to ask to get directed is Dasari Narayana Rao. She called him as a Fatherly figure. She says he is the only person who saw an artist in her and has promised to do the film once his health recovers. We have also seen her tweeting a cryptic message regarding an actor, which she never revealed. Check out the tweet.

Comment down below, if you understand whom she’s referring to?

Today, she questioned politicians – She asked the politicians to come and visit the public when they need you and not when you need them. We have seen yesterday’s Vizag Gas Tragedy, people were running on streets for shelter. With reference to this situation she made a rallying call to the politicians asking them for security for these poor people.She hopes all the politicians come together in these difficult times and to put at least half the amount work they put during election times and save people.