Preity Zinta’s Cure For Back Pain Problem.

Even at the age of 45, Preity Zinta still looks in Amazing Shape. She is pretty as always. She has today shared a video of her working out. A specific exercise which strengthen out lower back. she suggested people who have lower bac problems to work on this exercise. she has a history of sharing work out sessions. She also loves working out with her dog, where it can strengthen jaws of dog and it will also be an exercise for her. Two birds, one stone. Check out the video

She says, the one with the back problems has to start doing this 15 times on both sides in the beginning. when you get to know ou can do it better, you can hold our your hand and leg for 30 seconds. Even though this is simple, it’s effective, according to Preity Zinta.

She also shared an Instagram story with a quote reading- Life always gives you second chance, it’s called tomorrow. We hope she inspires people and gives more Exercising tips during this lockdown.