Ram Gopal Varma New Song

Kanipinchani Purugu Corona. Yes! That’s it. That the song name. Corona is an insect according to RGV. RGV is known for his controversies. He released his own version of Corona Songs after all the Telugu film stars has combined for a single song in which music Diector Koti has composed.

Ironically, He released his song on 1st of April , which is April fools day. He posted a picture of youtube thumbnail views on Twitter with a caption saying, This is not April Fool, My purugu song in 3 hours crossed TFI celebrity song of 3 days views why why why?

  • Check out some of the reactions below for this picture:
  • Vaalu Corona nunchi people ni save cheyyadaaniki paadaaru, meeru direct ga Corona ni champesaaru.. anduke!
  • Bcoz u r dirtiest insect
  • U are big star than chiranjeevi.thats it
  • Why because they are only Celebrities who comes n goes, but you are a Legend – One in a Millinnium
  • Antha baagundi kaani Mee song meere full ga chuskoledu
  • Entha mandhi unnarandhi Mukhyam kadhu Evadundanedhe Mukhyamm..
  • Mee purugu corona purugu kante speed ga undi

Check out his Song below: